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Wineries from the Valencia Region of Spain


Explore the wines from these wonderful wineries from the Valencia Region of Spain.

Valencia region of Spain has been inhabited since the earliest times by Phoenicians, Greeks, Iberians, and Romans. Its important Arabic legacy through the irrigation system and crops still survive in agriculture and traditional crafts. Valencia is a leading exponent of Mediterranean cuisine, delicious healthy recipes, based on fresh fish, seafood, fruit, and vegetables. Paella and rice dishes are the most emblematic choices.

Rice and oranges are the most treasured crops in this region, but also grapes have been grown in the region since the Neolithic era. Valencian soil grows native blends to produce great wines with the appellation of origin, the best indicators of quality and first line heritage.


Valencia region of Spain has three officially recognized denominations of origin: Alicante, Utiel-Requena and Valencia. The Alicante DO stands for very straightforward, fruity wines with medium bodies and outstanding tannin levels, using Monastrell, alexandría muscatel and tempranillo grapes and other varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and Syrah. The Requena – Utiel DO stands for balanced and fresh rosés, with an agreeable flavor, and the reds have medium-full bodied, savory and elegant, provided by the red bobal grape thriving with bobal, Tempranillo, cabernet-sauvignon, and Merlot. Valencia DO  has four sub-zones - Alto Turia, Clariano, Moscatel de Valencia and Valentino - with a Mediterranean climate enjoying variable sea influences, giving rise to highly appreciated whites, rosés, and reds exported throughout Europe. Merseguera, malvasía, Tempranillo, Monastrell, and Moscatel (romano or alexandría) are the most popular varieties.



The quality of Anecoop Bodegas’ wines has been recognized in the main international wine competitions, and their characteristics have won over the most prestigious wine critics both in Spain and abroad. Anecoop Bodegas has a broad range of wines which caters for the demands of different consumer profiles, from conservative through to more daring palates.


Anecoop Bodegas' will be exhibiting at 2019 USATT Show on May 13-14, 2019, in NYC.

Meet them at Table# 40. Schedule your meeting HERE.


Bodegas Arraez doesn’t make wine for stuck-up people. Their philosophy does not include being conventional, cliches or snobbishness. These winemakers believe a good wine is something that should be enjoyed by everybody at any time and anywhere.

VIVIR SIN DORMIR: 100% Monastrell Eco. DOP JUMILLA. 4 months in French oak barrels. Vineyards which are organically certified, are more than 30 years old.

VIVIDOR: 85% Bobal and 15% Garnacha. DOP UTIEL – REQUENA. 4 month in American and French oak barrels. The vineyards grow in a continental (inland) climate but very influenced the Mediterranean climate.

MALA VIDA WHITE: 40% Muscat, 40% Merseguera and 20% Verdil. DOP VALENCIA. Vineyards cultivated in clay and limestone soils in the Terres dels Alforins area.

MALA VIDA RED: 30% Monastrell, 30%Tempranillo, 20% Syrah, and 20% Cabernet. DOP VALENCIA. 8 months in American, French and Hungarian oak barrels. Vineyards cultivated in clay and limestone soils in the Terres dels Alforins area.

CAVA SUTRA: 90% Macabeo and 10% Chardonnay. DOP CAVA. The grapes come from selected vineyards on the Valencian Altiplano ( high plains ), where there is a perfect combination of Mediterranean and Continental climates.

CALABUIG RED: 100% Tempranillo. DOP VALENCIA. 30 years old vines cultivated in standy loam soils. Poor sandy and limestone soils characteristics of the interior of Valencia.



Clos de Lôm is a family run winery founded in 1836. This winery is a single state vineyard and their goal has always been to produce top quality wines that best express our terroir. For Clos de Lôm the beauty of wine lies in the fact that its heritage and tradition can be kept alive without compromising modernity. Clos de Lôm wines aim to express the quality and geographic uniqueness of our facilities in Valley dels Alforins (Valencia-Spain). The grapes for the following wines are sourced from vineyards grown according to traditional growing criteria in a balanced, caring and sustainable way.

CLOS DE LÔM TEMPRANILLO 2018 is a DOP Valencia wine. Vineyards are 30 years old and unirrigated goblet-pruned vines, hand-harvesting.

CLOS DE LÔM MONASTRELL 2018 is a DOP Valencia wine. Unirrigated goblet-pruned vines up to 45 years old, hand-harvesting.

CLOS DE LÔM MALVASIA 2018 is a DOP Valencia wine. Hand-harvesting early in the morning from unirrigated goblet-pruned vines of 20 years old.

CLOS DE LÔM GARNACHA 2018 is a DOP Valencia wine. Vineyards are 40 years old and unirrigated goblet-pruned vines, hand-harvesting.



This is a winery of Swiss origin dedicated to wine since 1831 and directed today by the 5th generation of the family Valsangiacomo, produces wines with denomination of origin Valencia and Utiel Requena, produced with native varieties as bobal or muscatel.

BOBAL de SANJUAN RED is a wine made inside of the DOP Utiel-Requena. To produce this wine only hand-picked grapes from the indigenous variety Bobal has been used. Vineyards are 40-80 years old, and the wine has been fermented in the original tanks of raw concrete. 12 months aging in the concrete tanks before bottling.


Valsangiacomo will be exhibiting at 2019 USATT Show on May 13-14, 2019, in NYC.

Meet them at Table# 41. Schedule your meeting HERE.


Toque is the world leading brand in the Mixology Category with a fulfilling range of botanicals for the mixology lovers. Toque products are available in 20 countries and they are looking right now for a partnership in the USA.

Toque’s selection of botanical herbs to prepare unique cocktails, a collection designed to be directly added to mixed drinks, without the need for any unnecessary preparation of the herbs, thus ensuring a clean, safe and identifiable end result.


Toque will be exhibiting at 2019 USATT Show on May 13-14, 2019, in NYC.

Meet them at Table# 42. Schedule your meeting HERE.