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7 Levels of Sales Tier: The Key Links to Successful Wine Sales


Navigating through the seven tiers of sales with invaluable insights from Barefoot Wine’s founders.

In the competitive world of business, the art of sales plays a pivotal role in determining the success of any brand or product. However, achieving sales success is not a simple linear process, it involves navigating through several critical levels. During my recent exploration of the Beverage Trade Network's YouTube channel, I stumbled upon a video from the 2015 Australia Trade Tasting event, where the founders of Barefoot Wines, Michael Houlihan, and Bonnie Harvey, shared valuable insights on various aspects of sales for a wine brand. Drawing inspiration from the remarkable journey of Barefoot Wine, this article delves into the seven levels of sales tier, shedding light on the key links essential to achieving sales success for a wine brand.

2015 Australia Trade Tasting event

Source: Youtube

Selling Your Staff

The first level in the hierarchy of sales is selling your staff on your product or service. Engaging your team and ensuring they are knowledgeable about the benefits of your offering is crucial. Building pride in your brand and showcasing your company's commitment to the community strengthens your team's dedication to the cause. Regular sales meetings foster a sense of camaraderie and enable your staff to provide valuable insights and support to your sales efforts.


Securing Distributor's Ownership

The second level involves gaining the ownership of distributors who will take your product to market. The key is to understand what's in it for the distributor – whether it's filling a gap in their portfolio, capitalizing on a lost product's opportunity, or blocking the competition. Strategic sales moves at this level can open up new markets and strengthen your brand's presence.

Convincing the Sales Manager

The sales manager is the next tier in the sales process. To convince them, you must provide compelling reasons why they should promote and invest in your product. Highlight the growth potential and emphasize the value your product could bring to their portfolio.

Grape Vine DTC

Source: Grape Vine DTC

Winning Over Salespeople

Salespeople are coin-operated, driven by commissions and incentives. Align your incentives with theirs to ensure they are enthusiastic about selling your product. Consider offering bonuses based on reorders rather than new accounts to incentivize ongoing sales efforts.

Captivating the Retail Buyer

To captivate the retail buyer, you must present a compelling case that stands out in a crowded marketplace. Focus on providing colorful and fun point-of-sale materials that enhance their wine department and appeal to customers.

Enchanting the Retail Clerk

Retail clerks are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in ensuring your product stays on the shelf. Create a positive relationship with clerks, offer incentives, and make it easy for them to keep your product in stock.

Converting the Consumer

The final tier is the consumer – the ultimate test of your sales efforts. Engage consumers through community support, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing. Make your product easily accessible, memorable, and enjoyable to convert them into loyal customers.

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Source: Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Mastering the seven levels of the sales tier is a challenging yet rewarding journey. By understanding the significance of each level and carefully navigating through the critical links, your brand or product can achieve unprecedented sales success. Like Barefoot Wine, by valuing your staff, understanding your distributors, motivating salespeople, impressing retail buyers, enchanting retail clerks, and ultimately captivating consumers, you can create a strong and resilient sales chain that leads to long-lasting success in the competitive market.

Header Image Source: Market Watch

Article By Tushar Anand, Beverage Writer & Sommelier