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Obvious Wines: Wine Producer from California

Photo for: Obvious Wines: Wine Producer from California

Obvious Wines is a collection of high-quality wines sourced directly from vineyards in California and France.

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Obvious Wines was founded in Venice Beach, California by Brice Baillie. A reformed “wine-snob” founder Brice Baillie started to find a deep appreciation for American wines after relocating to California in 2015 from Champagne, France. He used to spend more time with his American friends and his new family. He noticed a gap between an overall growing interest and love for wines, yet there was a high level of intimidation towards selecting and discussing wine.  He then decided to create a unique collection that would reunite super high-quality wines, respectful production and growing practices, and simple, approachable and helpful labels. He started out by cold calling wineries in California, he identified a few wineries that were open to partnerships and met the fundamental Obvious Wines criteria. Then, by hosting wine tastings amongst his friends in his home, Brice was able to select the first wine of the collection through direct consumer feedback. Once the wine was selected, he conducted more tastings which were held to help identify the most descriptive and relevant details for the labels. Consumers chose and named the wine themselves. The Obvious Wines Sales team then began going door-to-door, selling the wines directly to retail stores in the LA market to test the concept. Obvious Wines is currently self-distributed in Southern California. More states to come!



This wine is a 2012 Vintage Red blend from Broken Earth Winery, Paso Robles, CA.


This wine is a 2016 Vintage Sauvignon blanc from Loire Valley, France.

No 03 Light & Lively

This wine is 2018 Vintage Pinot Noir blend from Trasiego winery, Central Valley, Chile.

Chateau du Puget - Rosé de Provence



They partner with the best small production wineries around the world to build a collection of high-quality wines, that clearly and directly illustrate their taste.


Broken Earth Winery was planted in 1973. They produce unique wines that are estate grown, harvested & bottled in Paso Robles and maintain a sustainable approach to farming. They remain committed to sustainable ideals, their goal is to respect the land and its treasures with the belief that the soil will give its best only if it ‘feels’ its best, so attention to the earth’s health is critical. They remain committed to sustainable ideals, their goal is to respect the land and its treasures with the belief that the soil will give its best only if it ‘feels’ its best, so attention to the earth’s health is critical.


Villebois was founded in 2004 on the passion for authentic Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire region and the vision to produce wine using the latest technologies. It all started in 2004 when Joost de Willebois spotted a small well-run local winery in the Touraine region. The owner at the time established himself with a long tradition of producing the finest local Sauvignon Blanc wines. However, he lacked a successor. Joost recognized this as a golden opportunity to transform the small winery into a wider producer of quality Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Loire region; Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Touraine. With the support of his wife, Miguela and a small group of close friends, Joost began the Villebois’ adventure. Since its start, Villebois has grown its business year in year out to what it has become today.


The USA Trade Tasting (USATT) event is an annual New York City wine, beer & spirits expo that gives an opportunity to buyers from all across the USA to meet global wine, beer, and spirits suppliers. Now in its fourth year, the USATT  event will take place on May 13-14, 2019 with an expanded schedule of events for members of the alcohol beverage industry. Events new in 2019 include an expanded two-day business conference, a networking breakfast for large retailers, coaching sessions for sales team members, and a private tasting of award-winning wines, beers, and spirits. 

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