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Mozart Distillery – Manufacturing Chocolate Liqueurs in Austria

Photo for: Mozart Distillery – Manufacturing Chocolate Liqueurs in Austria

Mozart Distillery – A Traditional Salzburg Company.

Established in 1954, Mozart Distillery is Austria – Salzburg based company specialised in making chocolate liqueurs from natural raw ingredients, which everyone knows and virtually everyone likes. The distillery has been making wonderful chocolate-based liqueurs for over 30 years.

Originally, the Mozart Distillery focused on exporting the signature chocolate liqueurs, but now the aim of the distillery is to anchor the brand firmly in its place of origin.


The name Mozart is well-known for first-class chocolate liqueurs from Austria. The distillery owes the brand name, Mozart, to achieve the highest quality and perfection. Mozart chocolate spirits are the homage to Mozart and to his birthplace, Salzburg. Behind every single bottle stands 150 years of experience of the spirits industry.

Continuous improvement and our unremitting passion for innovation have made the brand a global market leader in chocolate spirits.


All Mozart chocolate liqueurs share one thing in common: they are manufactured from natural raw ingredients, which everyone knows and virtually everyone likes. Cocoa, sugar, and vanilla are the basic ingredients in a complex process, in which many hands still play a vital role. The production process revolves around the cold maceration of cocoa and vanilla. The unique flavour is the direct result of the precise processing temperatures used for working the ingredients and the elaborate blending processes.

Once the raw materials have been delivered, they embark on a long journey involving many different processing steps and quality checks, until they finally emerge in a wrapped bottle, ready for consumption. A series of internationally recognised awards is a testimony to the success of this journey.

Mozart Spirits Brand:

The Mozart Spirits brand positions itself as the purveyor of first-class chocolate liqueurs from Salzburg. Made in Austria, yet drunk in all four corners of the world. Mozart Distillery produces a wide range of chocolate liqueurs, including Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream, Mozart White Chocolate Cream, Mozart Black Dark, Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit and most recently in 2013, Mozart R.G. Chocolate Cream.

Mozart Chocolate Strawberry

Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry is a fresh and fruity chocolate strawberry liqueur with a unique combination of high-quality chocolate and delightful fruit-taste. This liqueur has a refreshing taste of natural strawberry and white chocolate.

Flavour - Chocolate Cream Strawberry

Ingredients - white chocolate, bourbon vanilla, and fresh strawberries.

ABV – 15%

Bottle Size – 500ml

Mozart Chocolate Cream - The Milk Chocolate Liqueur

A luxurious Austrian chocolate cream liqueur, Mozart Gold is guaranteed to set sweet-toothed souls' hearts a-flutter. Fine gourmet chocolate ingredients are used to create a wonderfully syrupy, well-rounded cream liqueur, which adds a touch of sweetness. 

Flavour - Chocolate

Ingredients –fresh cream, conched Belgian dark chocolate, genuine Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, granulated sugar and the middle cut of sugar beet distillate.

ABV – 17%

Bottle Size – 700ml

Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream – The White Chocolate Liqueur

Aromatic vanilla, delicious caramel, fresh cream and the fruity overtones of white chocolate blend together in every bottle of Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream to create a deliciously velvety drink with a feminine touch: light, elegant and seductive.

Flavour – Chocolate

Ingredients – White chocolate made with Coco butter, Madagascan vanilla and fresh cream

ABV – 15%

Bottle Size – 500ml

Mozart Dark Chocolate – The Dark Chocolate Liqueur

When dark chocolate, vanilla and caramel are combined with the smoky, bitter notes of the finest cocoa beans, it creates a bittersweet, sophisticated drink with a lingering finish – the intensive flavour of this genuine Salzburg specialty explains why Mozart Dark Chocolate is a delight for all gourmets.

Flavour – Chocolate

Ingredients - cocoa and vanilla, Cocoa aged spirits, Caramel

ABV- 17%

 Bottle Size – 500ml

Mozart Chocolate Vodka – The Transparent Chocolate Spirits

The intensive chocolate aroma on the palate and the bittersweet finish on the tongue are trademarks of this Salzburg specialty. The intensive flavour of distilled chocolate brings a touch of sophistication to cocktails and long drinks, as well as to fruit juices.

Flavour – Chocolate

Ingredients – Pure raw materials of cocoa and vanilla.

ABV – 40%

Bottle Size – 700ml

To know more about Mozart Distillery, visit www.mozart-spirits.com/en