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Marquee Selections - Wine Importers from Australia

Photo for: Marquee Selections - Wine Importers from Australia

Marquee is an international wine importer dedicated to providing US buyers with a global portfolio of wine.

Marquee SelectionsMarquee Wines was founded in 2002 as an Australian winery focused on making wine that is environment-friendly and good for the palate. Their first pursuit was so successful that Marquee soon expanded the portfolio to include delicious wines from around the world, with a focus on boutique style, terroir-driven wines that speak of authenticity from wineries that are family-owned and -operated, for generations.

They believe wine should enrich the land upon which it grows. Their winemakers use a variety of winemaking practices to craft environmentally friendly wine.


The environmentally friendly wines are different in the way they are grown and produced. No synthetic chemical fertilizers, pest repellants or chemicals should be used for health and scientific reasons. The healthier the microscopic organisms in the soil are, the more nutrients absorbed by the vines. These nutrients help increase aroma-compound production in grapes and are responsible for the characteristics of the land in which the grapes were grown.

Old Vines

Old vines tend to grow balanced grapes year after year and ensure consistent phenolic compounds between vintages. It causes old vines to fruit such reliable grapes are their deep root systems as they feed on underground water supplies during droughts and remain virtually unaffected if oversaturated with rain to produce undiluted juice.

Single Vineyard

Single vineyard wines particularly attract the drinkers who seek out the experience of tasting the territory as the grapes come from one source. This allows grape growers to focus more on the vines.

Carbon Neutral

Vineyard sites designated as carbon neutral are devoted to curtailing or levelling carbon emissions through natural practices. Although carbon dioxide is a natural product of winemaking, total emissions can be reduced by using non-carbon-based fuels, lowering bottle weight to reduce transportation costs, and making efforts to reduce energy usage by harnessing the energy generated through solar and wind power.

Kosher Wine

An observant Jew must begin, activate and operate every step of the process, including the fermentation, standardization, and sample taking for quality control. With this being said, egg whites are allowed in Kosher wines for clarifying the process.


Sustainable winemaking refers to all long-term efforts directed toward agriculture that is humane, economically viable, socially just and able to satisfy human food and fibre needs. This includes site-dependent practices focused on enhancing natural resource bases and using nonrenewable resources as efficiently as possible.

Recylable Bottle

Some wineries have taken the initiative to reduce waste in order to be more environmentally friendly. The use of recycled material to make their bottles lighter, energy and resource efficient move cutting out extraction, transportation and synthesis of crude oil are a few ways modern vineyards are going green.

At Marquee, they believe the love of wine should be simple. It should enhance the land upon which it grows, the glass into which it pours and the laughter and joy in which it thrives.

Import Portfolio

  • Backsberg Selections

Backsberg has become the first wine producer in South Africa and one of only three in the world to gain Carbon Neutral status by sequestrating its carbon emissions.

  • Caligiore Ecological Vineyards

The Caligiore family has been working their 17‐acre Finca La Marolina in Mendoza’s Lujan de Cuyo district since 1969.

  • Chateau Saint Nabor

The history of this Rhône Valley family estate goes back a few centuries.

  • Le Vins Famille Valery

The Valery family has been producing fine Languedoc wines for three generations.

  • Azienda Uggiano

With a passion for Tuscan wines and inspiration by a wine expert from the French school, Uggiano is nestled in the countryside in the midst of monasteries, churches and country villas.

  • Other Wineries

Marquee has a global portfolio of wine imports produced by small, local, environmentally conscious winemakers.

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