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Producer Profiles


Mack & Schühle Inc – Wine Importer & Distributor in the US market

Photo for: Mack & Schühle Inc – Wine Importer & Distributor in the US market

Mack & Schühle – No. 1 Distributor of Wines in the German-speaking Markets

Mack & Schühle produces wines in Italy and Spain and imports and distributes international wines on a global scale. An integral part of the Mack & Schühle Group, Mack & Schuhle Inc. is the importer for the Mack & Schühle range of wines in the US-market and organizes the distribution in the US. Apart from producing their own store brands they also globally distribute top-quality producer brands from all major wine-growing regions worldwide.

Mack & Schühle serve customers from wholesale and retail, specialist shops, gastronomy and the HoReCa - sector.


Below are the brands of Mack & Schühle which reflect the know-how and the dedication – from growing the grapes to winemaking:

1.  Art of Earth

Art of Earth are created from carefully selected organic grapes, harvested in traditional ways and then turned into organic wines with centuries-old natural winemaking methods. The love and passion with which this is done produce unique, gentle wines bursting with natural flavors – true pieces of art from mother earth. The Art of Earth wines is 100% organic.

The range compiles of selected organic wines from all over the world – a Pinot Grigio, Prosecco and a Montepulciano from Italy. A German Riesling, a Spanish Tempranillo, and French Rosé. The Packaging of Art of Earth is eco-friendly. The light-weight glass bottle with screw cap is recyclable and cork tree-friendly.

•  Montepulciano D'Abruzzo Doc
•  Pinot Grigio
•  Riesling
•  Prosecco

2. Barone Montalto

The Barone Montalto winery is located in Santa Ninfa, in the Sicilian province of Trapani. The tradition and youthful curiosity is combined to create the distinctive Montalto wines, which is admired by a growing supporter base around the world. The research and experimentation is a permanent feature of winemaking at Barone Montalto.

•  Pinot Grigio IGT
•  Cabernet /  Nero D’Avola IGT

3.  Passivento

Passivento is the Nero D'Avola by Barone Montalto. It is the result of the careful selection of the best grapes of the vine. The particular method of vinification gives this Sicilian wine a remarkable and persistent character, suitable for important dishes with strong flavors.

•  Passivento Rosso
•  Passivento Rosato
•  Passivento Bianco

4.  El Tractor

Early in the 20th century the plains around San Rafael, a town in the south of Mendoza, were dry and farming yielded little. When the water flowed from the Rio Atuel to the fertile land beneath the Andes, farmers planted vines and olive trees. In 1915, the first wines were made on the Villa Atuel Estate. The soils of the estate are still drip-irrigated with water from the Rio Atuel. To preserve the history, the owners decided to bottle their best wines under the El Tractor label.

•  Malbec
•  Cabernet Sauvignon

5.  Mosketto

Mosketto is the product of the most renowned, aromatic grape varieties from the Piedmont region in north-western Italy. It is produced locally, by naturally fermenting the high-quality and aromatic grapes, to give Mosketto its pleasant bubbles.

•  Rosato
•  Bianco
•  Rosso

6.  Famiglia Castellani

The heavy bottles with their richly decorated, time-honored labels are reminiscent of the founding of the winery at the beginning of the 20th century. Below are the wines ranges:

•  Brunello
•  Toscano
•  Vermentino
•  Chianti Classico
•  Chianti Colli Senesi

7.  Riva Leone

Riva Leone, the fine wine trader who operated in the hills around Alba in the 19th and 20th centuries. He used to shout out “Marco Leone!” whenever a wine pleases him during a tasting. Marco Leone is an expression typical of the time meaning “highest or best quality”.

•  Gavi DOCG
•  Barbera Piemonte DOC
•  Barolo DOCG
•  Barbaresco DOCG

8.  Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay is a lovely wine melting pot of fruit, vegetal, herb and mineral notes. Citrus and pineapple aromas and flavors are layered in stalks, dried green herbs, flint and wet stones. 

9.  Laessiger

Austria's most popular varieties interpreted fresh and fruity. Laessiger is joy. Laessiger vine for easy-going people.

10. Zi Ronda

Veneto is the only wine region in Italy where grapes of the variety Corvina Veronese are grown which is used to make Zi Ronda. The grapes are turned into a classic red wine by MGM Mondo Del Vino. The typical result of the grape is deep red in color, low on tannins, with just a hint of sourness

•  Valpolicella Ripasso DOC
•  Amarone Della Valpolicella DOC

To know more about their brands visit Mack & Schühle.