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HY Wines - Wine Exporters and Sellers Based in France


HY Wine Selections is a France based wine company, dealing in artisanal wines and exquisite wine estates.

HY WINES SELECTIONS is a company that believes in authentic and artisanal wine estates. HY Wines Selection was founded in the year 2015. They have always been interested in wine estates and winemakers who are proud to produce wines that reflect a place, a terroir and a history for their wines. They are specialists in artisanal wines and charming estates, many of which are now organic and produce an average of 30,000 bottles a year. They market their wines on all continents and they are present on the best tables and wine shops. HY WINES SELECTIONS is a permanent relay of wine growers to a network of professionals to whom they offer a selected range of French and foreign wines.


Dedicated to foreign markets the broad selection of French wines offers a wide range of artisanal discoveries to discover new flavors and tastes.


In the heart of Alsace surrounded by vineyards, Domaine Horcher invites you to experience the fruit of their passion.  In a generous and friendly atmosphere, let them share their know-how with you.


For several generations, they have been producing Alsatian wines. The wines come from various types of grapes and terroirs, each with their own characteristics.  Every type of soil requires special attention and different methods of cultivation. 


Full of history, the land has diversity in the soils and a microclimate specific to the region that allows for select and authentic aromas. Therefore, each grape variety is grown in a soil, which corresponds to its particular aroma and flavour. 



The Moulis appellation is located between Margaux and Saint-Julien, this is a land of quiet charm in the heart of the Haut-Médoc that offers gourmet harmonious, full of generosity and elegant wines. Owned by the Coubris family for six generations, Château La Mouline has 22 hectares of vineyards located on the south slope of two ridges, one composed of clay and limestone, the other based on Pyrenean gravel.

This privileged location gives it a very sunny exposure and frost preserved its plots. 


AOP Bordeaux SuperieurCHATEAU DES ARRAS is a family business for 3 generations, the winery is run by two sisters involved in both winegrowing and winemaking. In the 50s their grandfather decided to grow vines, a full underground drainage system was put in place to maintain the natural flow of rainwater and stimulate the vines. Moreover, the soil has the required qualities to grow vines with a layer of clay that allows the roots to spread and to draw nutrients.

 Depending on the quality of the soil, you select the vines that are the most likely to use the naturally available resources. The selection depends on a study of the underground. Even though, sometime when the vines get old they will develop different needs. Bringing natural fertiliser is a good option to help the vines.  It is important to respect the natural balance and that they have been doing for a long time by doing sustainable agriculture, today they go further by getting the HVE  (high Environmental Value) certification and turning to organic in 2020.



Chateau Ogier De Gourgue - Cotes De BordeauxFormer "hunting rendez-vous" built in the seventeenth century by the family "de Gourgue", the castle is named after Ogier de Gourgue historical figure who was the adviser of King Louis XIII, Treasurer of France and General Finance in Bordeaux during the second half of the sixteenth century.

Lord de Vayres, Ogier Gourgue built his fortune by investing in land and lordships.

Passed to his eldest son Marc Antoine de Gourgue, who was the first President of the Parliament of Bordeaux, the castle changed hands several times over the centuries. Since 2010, this charming area belongs to the VINCENT family who undertook major changes and renovations.

Located 12km southeast of Bordeaux in the municipality of Saint-Caprais de Bordeaux, Chateau Ogier de Gourgue enjoys a perfect exposure on a high plateau of the Côtes de Bordeaux and a magnificent view of the township of La Brede. The 8 hectares that make up the estate are located around the property and vineyard, in one piece, it occupies about 5 hectares. The vineyard extends on clay-limestone hillsides and clay and gravel, naturally drained.



AOP MorganProperty of Florence Delorme, Domaine de la roche pilée is located in the commune of Villié-Morgon, it extends on 4.2 hectares and produces a red wine of AOP Morgon. The wines are made with Gamay, the grape variety of the Beaujolais.

The vine grows on sunny hills, in climate Corcelette and Douby. The grounds are peculiar, made of a disintegrated and pyritic schist, called "crushed rock", which gives the wine its character and the domain its patronym. As in the whole Beaujolais appellation, the harvest is hand-made, then sorted carefully to preserve the very best of the harvest. The grape harvest is then vatted in whole grapes, in order to respect the specific vinification of the appellation. In this case, the fermentation, or at least part, occurs at the very heart of the fruits, which are called intracellular fermentation. This enriches the aroma range of the wine and adds extra complexity.


OP Ponmard- AOP St Aubin - AOP Hautes Cotes De BeauneAt the beginning of the 90s Christophe Guillo takes over the exploitation of his vineyards which are then well damaged and creates the Domaine des Meix. For five years, at the locality "Les Murgers des Dents de Chien" in the city of Saint-Aubin, he will work with his wife Patricia, to rejuvenate the vineyard, change the terrain and plant new plots. He became the biggest owner of this 1 st vintage with 1.75 ha in a single plot, having kept the oldest vines (1939) in Chardonnay and Pinot blanc and in particular that of Pinot Noir of 1956, which is unique in this area. terroir and thus claims a monopoly situation.

 In 1995, he created with an associate, Domaine Le Bout du Monde, by buying two hectares of vineyards in the Bourgogne Haute Côte de Beaune and Bourgogne Grand Ordinaire appellation, in the "Cormot le Grand" valley west of Beaune. This area is then composed of 24 small parcels of vines. Through extensive grubbing work, then purchases and replantings, the estate now operates 6.5 hectares spread over five large plots.

 In recent years, the estate has also purchased vines in Beaune appellation 1st Cru "Les Avaux", Beaune Lulune "Clos de la Fontaine", Pommard "Clos Beauder" and Saint-Romain "La Combe Bazin".  The Domaine des Meix and the Domaine Le Bout du Monde now farm almost 10 hectares of vines and entrust all the wine work to a company employing disabled workers.


Nestled on the heights of Serrières, in the extreme south of Burgundy, the Domaine Balandras cultivates, on 9.5 ha, its vines of Gamay, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the purest Burgundian tradition.

AOP Macon Serrieres

18 000 bottles out of 8 cuvées, mainly red wines typical of southern Burgundy make up the range of the domain.  The sparkling wines "Melodies de Bulles" appeared in 2013 and complement the range. Grown on granite soils, Gamay varietals are located on the upper plots of the village of Serrières. Light, fruity and peppery, the red wines are the worthy representatives of the Mâconnais wines. The white Chardonnay wines are harvested on the communes of Pierreclos, Milly-Lamartine and Igé. Three beautiful communes of southern Burgundy.


The family estate created in 1992, is located in SANTENAY, on a vineyard of 13 hectares. The wine estate is present in SANTENAY of course, but also on the cities of CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET and PULIGNY MONTRACHET.

AOP Santenay & Chassagne Montrachet

The winery has modern facilities for vine growing and vinification, but Philippe and Jean Christophe remain very attached and respectful of the traditions that have made Burgundy famous.  Since the quest for quality is their constant concern, the whole process of making wines, from the work of the vine, is the subject of great attention. That is why they always use old vats, oak barrels for winemaking and wine ageing. For more information on their catalogue click here.

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