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Photo for: Chateau Les Remparts, Vineyard from Aquitaine, France

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Chateau Les Remparts, Vineyard from Aquitaine, France


Les Remparts vineyard, at the heart of their Estate, is situated on a lime rock foundation on the banks of the Ciron River

This is the ancient watchtower of Les Remparts Estate; home of unique wines from a unique winery in Aquitaine. Today, as it has been for centuries, this tower stands proudly on the label of all the wines made here. The Watchtower stands as a reminder to every owner of the Chateau, from generation to generation, that they are present guardians of an ongoing tradition of excellence.  Vineyards Clos dady draw on rich and diverse resources when creating their wines.  Their vineyards are scattered on various soils and enjoy different microclimates, producing a rich variety of grapes used for the final blend. For example, Les Remparts vineyard, at the heart of their Estate, is situated on a lime rock foundation on the banks of the Ciron River. The resulting harvest consistently produces unique aromas of strongly botrytized grapes with distinct mineralisation.  Grapes from their highest Candalle vineyard in front of Chateau d’Yquem produce elegant and subtle juice.  While grapes from their old vines beside Chateau de Malle, enrich the blend with incredibly spicy tones. This is the basis for creating complex and well-balanced wines. 

Sauternes It is precisely here, on this blessed land, where a particular natural phenomenon occurs, producing the Sauternes' miracle. In autumn, fog descends every morning as the grapes ripen and they are then warmed by the Eastern winds. The result is the famous noble rot (or botrytis) which shrivels the grapes and concentrates the flavour. The taste that results is unmistakable, ranging from candied fruit to gingerbread, citrus zest to pine tar, caramel to exotic spices and fleur d’orange to French toast. Here they produce their flagship wine, the Clos Dady Sauternes. Occasionally, when nature is very generous, they sort out a single batch of extraordinary quality Sauternes, which is called Clos Les Remparts.

Graves The Graves Appellation is unique too.  The combination of fine gravel, red clay and limestone give the grapes unparalleled complexity. This is perhaps why wines from this appellation have been so popular all over Europe since the Middle Ages. In fact, in the 12th century, Graves was the main supplier of wine to England, under the patronage of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The unique soil of the region allows us to produce wines of incredible complexity, with characteristic soft and expressive tannins, which are so valued among Bordeaux winemakers. They make here their red Clos Les Remparts, which is based on a Bordeaux blend with the prevailing Merlot. They are particularly fond of our dry white Clos Les Remparts, which is based on 100% Semillon grapes sourced from old vines of “Jean Dubois” single vineyard. 

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