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Cerester – A Winery That Combines Tradition & Modernity

Photo for: Cerester – A Winery That Combines Tradition & Modernity

Cerester – An Italian Wine Producer & Distributor located in the heart of Tuscany.

Cerester is a family business founded in 1994. The company reflects the values of its territory where flavours, alimentary education and wine tradition create the main base for its production. The winery is situated in the heart of Tuscany, between two of the most significant historical centers of the region, Pisa and Florence. 

Every day Cerester, specialized in the export of bulk and bottled wine all over the world, works in the production of wines of different origin, denomination and typology, guaranteeing added value to a product that is not only genuine but also a spokesman of prestige and of Italian tradition.

Cerester Winery

Cerester is located in the heart of the Pisan hills, at the foot of the historic center of the village of San Miniato. The city, in addition to strategically located along the Arno River, halfway between Florence and Pisa, is an important economic and industrial center of the leather area, famous above all for its white truffles. Further downstream, on the north side, is San Miniato Basso, which represents its industrial fraction.

The landscape that surrounds this historic city is characterized by the scenery of the Pisan hills, from which the route of the homonymous wine road winds its way through: between rolling woods, hills and chestnut woods, the path is dotted with a series of small towns and tiny villages of ancient origins in which, in addition to the vestiges of the past, we can let ourselves be tempted by a sea of gastronomic specialties.

The goal of the company is to provide customers with the best price-quality ratio, giving always a value added to their products and customers’ requirements in terms of quality and packaging. 

Cerester Wines

Cerester is able to supply wines from several Italian regions, mainly Tuscany, Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily.

•  Famiglia Grillo

Famiglia Grillo is a quality-conscious organic producer from beautiful Italy. The aim to produce quality wines of a classic nature. Famiglia Grillo has a wine ranges.

1.  Famiglia Grillo Traditional

Family Grillo 1886 is a traditional organic wine with an intense and structured taste, as it is made from highly selected grapes from the best Italian producers. To give more character to the wine, the grapes are left on the vines a little longer, in order to have a more natural maturation.

2.  Famiglia Grillo Black Edition

Famigila Grillo Black Edition is ruby red in color. "Famiglia Grillo Black Edition" is a red table wine that recalls the traditional Grillo family thanks to the family's copper seal.

•  Casa Capriolo

Casa Capriolo is produced in a company in Tuscany where they grow the best grapes of Merlot, Sangiovese and Colorino, with slow production and harvested by hand. It’s produced with the technique of GOVERNO. The style production used in Tuscany is called “Appassimento” of Sangiovese grapes.

1.  Casa Capriolo Traditional

The process of Casa Capriolo traditional is that 80% of the grapes are vinified according to the traditional method while the grapes with the thickest skin (about 20%) are left to wither. The dry grapes are added when the grapes are almost at the end of fermentation.

2.  Casa Capriolo Organic

Casa Capriolo Biologico 2015 is a Tuscan organic wine, which mixes the best organic grapes together, without adding any chemicals or genetically modified organisms. The withering reduces the grapes by about 30-35% of their weight due to the evaporation of water. The wine takes intense aromas of red berry fruits, a full and harmonious taste and an intense color.

•  Rendola

Rendola is a young company, born from the agreements between different wine producers in the Montalcino area. The main objective of the company is to guarantee our customers an excellent quality-price ratio.

1.  Rendola Rosso Toscano IGT

"Rendola Rosso Toscano IGT" is an organic red wine coming from the typical Tuscan green hills. The wine has an extraordinary taste with hints of herbs and cherries. It is mainly composed of Sangiovese grapes hand-harvested when fully ripe.

2.  Rendola Brunello Montalcino

The vineyards are located exclusively in the village of Montalcino on a hilly clay soil at an altitude ranging from 130 to 550 meters Vintage 2010. This wine has an intense aroma of red berry fruits.

To know more, visit Cerester Rendola.

•  Castelgufo

Castelgufo is a close cooperation developed with The Wine Team and the wine producer Cerester has been working with wines from Tuscany, Italy for a long time.

1.  Castelgufo Chianti Riserva

The Chianti Classico is usually stored on large or small oak barrels with an expected life of 10 years or more. The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 250-500 m high in a rolling and very cool landscape. Chianti Classico got its DOCG 1984.

•  Villa Valentina

Villa Valentina Organico Sangiovese is an organic wine made with high-quality organic grapes grown in the best vineyards of southern Italy, more precisely in Puglia. This wine is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes vintage 2014.

•  Villa Cavallo

Villa Cavallo, is an elegant and refined wine of 2004. This wine is put to rest in oak barrels 24 months and 12 in the Barrique, Villa Cavallo is composed of a blend of Sangiovese and other selected varieties. Villa Cavallo is a Tuscan Super characterized by a strong and mature flavor.

•  Love

This sparkling wine is obtained from carefully selected and hand-picked grapes from the Veneto region. It has a dry and refined taste, obtained with traditional methods of sparkling wine. The must ferments until the wine gets its famous bubbles.

•  Castero

The grapes are hunched in late September when they have reached the best maturity. Castero is Pale yellow in color with green reflections. This wine is stored on steel tank to retain the fresh and aromatic flavor.