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Azienda Agricola Colle Adimari – Winemakers from Italy

Photo for: Azienda Agricola Colle Adimari – Winemakers from Italy

Colle Adimari is a vineyard run by a brother-sister duo, Virginia and Niccolò at Tuscany, Italy

Colle Adimari is the 15 hectares of the vineyard they cultivate autochthonous grapes: Sangiovese and Canaiolo, and International grapes: Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In the countryside around the little Renaissance town of Cerreto Guidi, along the ancient via Francigena, they take care of the vineyards their grandfather passed on to them. Every year they pick their grapes and dedicate themselves to producing genuine wines linked to the land they grew up on.

Colle Adimari Vineyard

The name is a homage to the first family they have a record of which lived on their hills, about eight hundred years ago, even before the arrival of the more famous Medicis. Their logo reflects the color of the earth lit up by the sun and the blue of the sky which spreads over their vineyards for most of the year, but also the colors of the ancient coat of arms of the Adimari, ocre and sky blue.

Ever since they (Virginia and Niccolò) were young they had breathed their grandfather’s, and then their father’s, passion for the land and the wine. After studies and experiences in other environments and abroad they decided to set off on this adventure which excites them and puts them to the test every day. In day to day activities, they benefit from two of their peers’ precious help. They grew up with Marco at the local school. Today they work side by side and it often happens that between one tasting and another they remember amusing anecdotes about their childhood. They are linked by a deep tie of trust and friendship which is then reflected in their daily work. He follows the productive process of the wine in the business with them, from the vinification to the bottling.

After his degree in Agriculture, Jacopo was looking for a small environment where he could grow and apply his studies – that is how they met. He has been part of their family team for over a year, spending most of his days in the vineyard in close contact with nature, lending a hand wherever necessary, and always with his characteristic smile and enthusiasm.

Together they try to give character to their “artisan” products, in the best and most noble sense of the term, creating wines with soul, of unequivocally Tuscan origin, which interpret and express their land in a fresh way. Without excluding the most modern methods and technology they carry out every stage of the production manually, both in the vineyards and the cellars, with the greatest respect for the environment, the land, and for its fruit.

The “terroir” near the Montalbano mountains and the Tyrrhenian sea, is a perfect union between climate and ground and the complexity of the soil, partly sandy and partly calcareous and loamier, gives their wines a distinctive connotation, strength and vitality. Their mission is a quest for quality in the vineyard and then in the cellar, paying the greatest attention to their grapes. It is in this way that territory Wines are produced, mainly Sangiovese with an eye to drinkability and the aromatic spectrum.

Colle Adimari Barrels

The yearly harvesting is manual; the everyday “tools “are their large Tuscan oak vats, the barrels and the terracotta amphoras. They have rediscovered the method of the governo Toscano tradition in their Chianti – they work the cabernet and merlot grapes separately with different refinement processes. The result of their everyday work is a proposal of elegant wines with character, which are at the same time easy to drink and which have a unique bouquet every harvest.


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