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Photo for: Susan Danenberger, Winemaker and Owner of Danenberger Family Vineyards Joins USATT 2024


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Susan Danenberger, Winemaker and Owner of Danenberger Family Vineyards Joins USATT 2024


We are excited to have Susan Danenberger of Danenberger Family Vineyards at USATT in Chicago on May 22-23. Her story of innovative and outstanding wines encourages those in the Illinois winemaking industry.

We are extremely pleased to have winemaker and Danenberger Family Vineyards owner Susan Danenberger as one of our speakers for the May 22–23 USA Trade Tasting. Susan's path is truly inspirational, as she has revolutionized the Illinois winemaking landscape and defied expectations.

Ignoring the preconception of Illinois wineries, Susan has established herself as a respected female winemaker in an area better known for sweet wines, soybeans, and cornfields. Susan produces excellent, multiple-award-winning Cabernet Franc. Her dedication to her job has made Danenberger Family Vineyards well-known and captured the attention of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

But Danenberger Family Vineyards is more than just a vineyard; nestled in the heart of Central Illinois on Susan's 100-year-old, fifth-generation farm, it is an immersive experience. Along with the excellent wines, there is live music, a carefully curated whiskey bar, and a stunning restaurant, all of which add to the overall experience of making every visit wonderful.


Susan has a great narrative of perseverance and creativity, and we feel super thrilled to welcome the Danenberger Family Vineyards to our Chicago trade show, where she will share her unique ideas and expertise.

Here are some of the speakers who will be joining us at the 2024 USA Trade Tasting

Abraham Vucekovich, Beverage Director at Meadowlark Hospitality

Kaleigh Theriault, Director of Thought Leadership at NIQ Beverage and Alcohol Vertical

Julieta Campos, Beverage and Bar Operations Director at The Fifty/50 Group, Chicago

Ryan Crane, Strategy at Canopy Growth Corporation

Mark Guillaudeu, MS, Sommelier at Wrigley Mansion

Morgan Harris, Head Sommelier at Saison Hospitality

Arthur Hon, Beverage Director at the Modern-Union Square Hospitality Group

David Keck, MS, Master Sommelier and Owner at Stella14 Wines, VT

Ari Klafter, Head Distiller Thornton Distilling Company, and President Illinois Craft Distillers Association

Jon McDaniel, Founder at Second City Soil

Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network

Daisy Penzo, Founder and CEO of Tuscany Wines Import

Wesley Phillips, Business Development Manager at Glunz Beer

Brian Rosen, Chairman of InvestBev

Mike Ryan, Global Beverage Director, Acurio International, Chicago

Cassie Sakai, Corporate Director of Beverage Operations - Gibsons Restaurant Group

Caroline Schrader, Winemaker at City Winery Chicago

Kimberly Shannon, Beer, Wine and Liquor Specialist at Giant Eagle, Inc

Rachel Speckan, Portfolio Manager at Maverick Wine Co.

Christopher Bauer, Vice President, National Sales at Wein Bauer

Raj Sabharwal, Founding Partner at Glass Revolution Imports