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Photo for: Live Q and A Session with Wine, Beer and Spirits Brands On How To Grow Distribution


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Live Q and A Session with Wine, Beer and Spirits Brands On How To Grow Distribution


A unique chance to attend a live Q and A session on sales and distribution.

This a must-attend session if you are a wine, beer, or spirits brand looking to grow into international markets, a USA brand looking to find new state distributors or a brand looking to grow sales with current distributors and importers.

Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network will be taking live calls with brand owners asking direct questions that are relevant to their own on sales and distribution. Sample questions are as below. Once you fill out the form, our team will send you Zoom call details. Here are examples of the questions brand owners will ask:

1. What should my goals be for opening accounts? How many locations should I be going to per week?

2. Where would you spend your ad/marketing dollars for a small brand?

3. How do you approach bars vs restaurants vs retail?

4. Once you get a buyer's contact info for retail, how do you craft the email? Do you have a template? What materials do you include? How often do you follow up?

5. Where do you think I should be pricing-wise?

6. What kind of discounts/incentives do you offer bars/restaurants/retail?

7. What would you say I should be doing as far as accounts/orders before approaching a distributor? When do I become attractive to a distributor?

8. What are some common objections you encounter in retail pitches and the responses to them?

9. What groups/organizations should I be a member of? Newsletters podcasts or books that you recommend?

RSVP here before January 22, 2024. Once you do RSVP, we will send you the Zoom call details for this free webinar.