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Photo for: Experience Sake Like Never Before At 2024 USA Trade Tasting


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Experience Sake Like Never Before At 2024 USA Trade Tasting


Experience sake like never before on May 22–23 in Chicago at the USA Trade Tasting! Take part in master workshops led by well-known manufacturers and learn about outstanding flavors from 10 different exhibitors taking part.

Sake producers will be coming to chicago on May 22-23 and will host masterclasses along with showcasing products via 10 different exhibiting companies.

Companies that are exhibiting at the 2024 USA Trade Tasting are Hayashi Syuzoujo Co., Ltd., CORTESE Co., Ltd., Sake Flight LLC (Importer) showing SAKE Generation Inc. and Hachijuni Link Nagano Co., Ltd., Marukai Corporation, Rikyu Gura Co., Ltd., Wismettac Asian Foods Inc., JCTO Japan Inc, Amabuki Shuzo Co., Ltd., CHOYA USA Inc., MUJEN Spirits, Inc. See all USATT exhibiting companies here.

There will be masterclasses hosted by sake association from 2pm to 3pm on May 22 and the second one from 2pm to 3pm on May 23. The masterclass is on the first come basis, so please be sure to grab your sit 15 minutes before it starts.

Hedeki Hayashi, chief brewer, created this new brand. Series of his specialty brewed from local sake rice, Gohyakumangoku, Oyamanishiki or selected sake rice from all over Japan, Yamadanishiki, Omachi, without killing their original charms. Refined aroma and flavor. Come and sample the products at USA Trade Tasting.

USA Trade Tasting would like to invite importers, distributors, retailers, sommeliers, bartenders of USA to experience sake like never before. These producers are looking for importers and distributors and are ready to invest in the US market to grow the partnership.

You will need a visitor expo floor ticket to attend the masterclass and the expo floor where you will be able to meet the producers. If you have not secured a USATT expo floor tickets, please get it here.