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The Best Craft Beer Blogs, Undiscovered Labels and Desert Island Brew: Cindy Molchany

Photo for: The Best Craft Beer Blogs, Undiscovered Labels and Desert Island Brew: Cindy Molchany

The craft beer industry's popularity has expanded significantly over the past decade and with it has come to a much needed (and heralded) explosion of new breweries.

As exciting as the new frontier of beer can be for craft beer enthusiasts, sometimes lackluster beers receive a lot of attention while other, more 'drink-worthy' beers get lost in the fray. It can be hard to navigate through each and every offering, not to mention the immense world of craft beer oriented websites. Drinkers and users alike often find themselves drinking their usual beers and back on their favorite websites looking for something new to spark their imagination.  


A lot of the time, we just want someone to give us the inside word on what's hot and what's not. To give our visitors a sneak-peak into the world of craft beer professionals, we asked USA Trade Tasting Conference speaker Cindy Molchany of Craft Beverage Jobs some questions about the best (and worst) parts about the e-world of craft beer.

1.  What is your number one source for staying on top of the craft beer industry?

Google Alerts.  It's easy and it's free.

2. What are your favorite beer blogs?

  1. Beer Labels in Motion - LOVE the creativity
  2. Craft Beer Nation  - Love their community and dedication
  3. Craft Beer - the horse's mouth has good content :)

3. What are some undiscovered breweries that everybody should be following?

Birra Toccalmatto from Italy. I tried it in Scotland and it was life-altering good. They have small-time distribution in the US. Find it! Sante Adairius from Capitola, CA.  I'm not sure how undiscovered they are anymore, but they are exceptionally good.

4. What are the most annoying things people can do on social media? My three biggest social pet peeves are:

  1. Send Twitter Direct Messages - especially auto-generated;
  2. When brands just use social to publish, but not engage;
  3. When people use social to whine.

5.  If you were stuck on a deserted island, what beer would you want to have with you?

Lagunitas. IIt'y my old hometown brewery, so I'll always be extremely loyal :).

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