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Looking For A Beer Importer in USA? Be Prepared For These 7 Questions

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Prepare your pitch for the 7 Questions you are Guaranteed to be asked by potential beer importer partners. Check them out.

Our recent interview with Jon Reynolds who has been working in the American beer industry for more than 30 years helps us craft the 'The 7 most important questions that will help you find a US beer importer partner'.

The Three Tier Distribution Model is a difficult system to navigate, especially for international brands new to the compliance restrictions and regulations present in each individual state. Finding the right importer whose company profile fit's your brewery's needs is the first step towards getting your beers into retail stores across the USA.

This means developing strong sales pitches, support programs, and freight networks so that your import partners can establish healthy relationships between your brand and their distribution and retail accounts.

Finding the right import partner and getting your international beers into stores across the USA.

1 - What are the most important steps and sales tools that the craft beer brand owner could take before they begin importing and selling?

The brand owner should prepare, at a minimum, the following Marketing Presentation of their Imported beer brand:

  • Marketing Story Main points of difference vs. the competition already available on the market.

  • The Brewery and the Source Unique place, landmarks, water, minerals, elevation, country's lifestyle, culture, tap room and unique hops and grains

  • Brand Portfolio Sell sheets, photos and packaging/SKU's are very important.

  • Distribution Secured What countries, states, and markets, annual sales plus excess capacity are available?

  • Brewing Awards Won Include a full list of Domestic and International Brewing Awards and Competitions.

  • Marketing support elements on all Media platforms Detail your, POS, website, video, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest, etc.) sampling programs, trade samples, incentives, merchandising/display enhancers, and truck decals.

  • Sales support elements Outline all U.S. sales agents, tasting groups, media agencies, brand managers, and feet-on-street available to support importer.

  • Samples can be expensive if shipped from overseas, so the brand owner should attempt to get its importer in place before too many samples are sent FedEx or DHL.

2 - What are the target price points for your beer brand?

  • First, research the market and develop an Aussie brand to target the U.S. market you are expanding into (East Coast, West Coast, Midwest).

  • Establish an F.O.B. in your country that covers your full cost of goods and provides the margin for your Brewery.

  • Estimated landed costs for containers into the U.S.; should include inland freight to Aussie Port, Export Duties, Sea Freight to the US. Port, Import Duties, Federal Excise Taxes, Importer Fees/Margin, Inland Freight to U.S. destination, State Excise Taxes, Distributor Margin (30% normal), Sales Rep Commission and Retailer Margin (25-30% normal).

  • This should lead the brand owner to Recommended PTR's/PTC's for each SKU.

Please find All 7 Questions You Will be Asked by Beer Importers in the USA here: 7 Questions You Will be Asked by Beer Importers.

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