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How to Optimize your In-Store Tastings and Boost Sales

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Using creative ways to boost consumer interaction at your tasting booth will help you develop your relationship with key accounts.

Whether you are showcasing award-winning wine, unique spirits or an exciting new craft beer, in-store tasting is great programs to help generate brand awareness, Boost Sales and develop new markets.

Hand-selling is a tried and true sales strategy integral to building a solid market for your offering and should be a part of every beverage company’s retailer and distributor programs. Using creative ways to boost consumer interaction at your tasting booth will help you develop your relationship with key accounts.  Not only are in-store tastings a great way to boost sales with a big day of revenue, but they also generate long-lasting brand recognition in new markets.

Here are 4 tips to help you develop your next in-store tasting program:

1. Sensory Experience

Make your tasting a five-sense experience!  Even if your retail partner’s store doesn’t offer the greatest atmosphere for dynamic tastings, it’s up to you to make the most of what you have.  Here are a few ideas on how to make your tasting booth have a genuine feel:

  • Use grapes, chocolate, chips, etc. as giveaways to lure people in;

  • Fully branded displays accentuate your marketing;

  • Use props and merchandising to create an inviting booth;

  • Have scent samples of typical aromas found in your beverages;

  • Educate your customers about your product.  Prepare short, fun descriptions that are easy to remember;

  • Give out useful promotional material that people want to take away.

 2. Variety Works

Presenting a variety of your products allows customers to select their favorite and is an effective selling technique because it gives the consumer the sensation that they are in control and making a smart purchase.  The more selection you provide the better chance you will have to convert a customer.  Not only will they have a good variety to choose from, but they will also feel indebted to you for taking the time to introduce your brand line-up to them.

3. Promote the Event

Use your social media accounts to promote the tasting and tap into your retailer’s fan base and followers to expand your reach.  Here are a few ways to generate interest in your combined social campaigns and tasting:

  • Use competitions with exciting merchandising gifts that you promise to give when they visit you at the tasting booth.  Some good low-cost ideas are T-shirts, special edition releases, corkscrews and bottle openers.  An expensive sweepstakes prize can be very effective, but make sure you have the budget;

  • Spend a good amount of time leading up to the event by actively engaging with consumers and accounts that are based around your next tasting;

  • Communicate your tasting with your retail, distribution and media partners and get them to promote it on their social platforms as well.

4. Get Feedback and Record Data

A lot of business owners and sales teams underestimate the value of customer feedback and data.  Whenever you do a tasting you want to accurately record your findings.  You should also think of an in-store tasting as a survey opportunity. Monitor your customers and get them to give you feedback. If you can, get your customers to fill out a questionnaire (keep it VERY simple). 

If you think that the survey will get in the way of selling, then manually take notes on customer feedback.  When you receive immediate feedback from customers in new markets it is also a unique insight into consumer tendency from a very specific sample population. 

Take the info back to your marketing department and get them to develop programs that reflect the market’s wants. In-store tastings should be a part of every beverage company’s retailer programs.  In today’s competitive market, your supply chain partners are expecting you to provide programs that generate brand awareness and help the sales process.  Use all five senses to make your tasting booth a hit with every customer that you touch and you’ll have a successful program that you can translate to every market.

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