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Crafty Marketing Tips For Your Craft Brands

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Beverage Trade Network interviews Hannah Hanley of Heritage Distilling Company on how to optimize small marketing budgets to support your retailers and build your brand.

On-premise sales are often a godsend for small producers looking to boost sales, especially if they self-distribute. What are some strategies to help brand awareness at on-premise locations?

Heritage DistilleryWork hard to create relationships with key bars and restaurants to leverage the exposure of on-premise sales into increased off-premise sales. It’s no secret that when a potential customer tastes a product in a delicious cocktail, they are more willing to purchase a bottle of product so they can reproduce that cocktail at home. As brand recognition grows, bars and restaurants start seeking out popular products. A good rule of thumb is to always follow up with them in person and work to create a personal relationship in order to ensure your drinks are placed on their menus.

Social media can also land inquiries from bars across the U.S. and distributors in various states, Canada and around the world. As you grow your company and refine your products, target your messaging, marketability and placement - develop better marketing strategies and collateral tied to the placement of products and their audiences. You have to understand your audience before you can sell to them. Trying to sell a high-end craft gin to an on-premise “beer and a shot” bar doesn’t make sense.

Likewise, trying to sell a flavoured moonshine to a high-end steakhouse likely won’t yield success either. It's all about finding the right fit for your brand and giving your retailer the necessary attention that they need Heritage Distilling Company uses low-cost channels and clever marketing to help provide support to their on-premise accounts and build brand recognition. Download your whitepaper on Building Your Craft Beverage Brand on small budgets below.

Who should attend?

Whether you are a craft brand like for craft distillery, craft brewery or a boutique winery that’s just starting out, or work in sales at an importer/distributor or at an established beverage company, or simply wish to expand your skill set and gain new perspective, USATT Conference is a must attend the event. Join hundreds of fellow winemakers, brewmasters, distillers, salespeople, and marketers at USATrade Tasting Conference which is designed to inspire and empower you with sales and marketing ideas—brought to you by Beverage Trade Network.

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Top reasons to attend the USATT Conference

  • Learn how to launch, market and grow your wine, beer or spirit brand in the USA market.

  • Reduce your trial and error time: Why experiment with your branding when you can fast-track your time to success? The experts at this event will empower you to focus on what really works (and prove to others it works).

  • Network with marketers just like you: Imagine connecting face-to-face with hundreds of people—just like you—as you share stories, gather ideas and build relationships that last for years.

  • Meet the speakers. Attendees will learn first-hand from presentations and also have the unique opportunity to directly engage with new industry contacts.

  • Get your ROI by getting great content. The right conferences not only allow you to meet smart, inspiring people, but also teach you a ton — especially in skills that make you a more well-rounded professional. USATT Conference is all about ‘How To Do It’. We are not going to discuss where the industry is going, what are the problems – instead, we are going to discuss how to make it happen and do it better.

  • It’s in New York City. What a great city. The people are friendly, with everything from burger joints to swish eateries with big-name chefs, and there’s also a thriving bar scene.

Below is a sampling of what you will learn.

  • How to manage and grow your brand.

  • How to pitch your brand to independents bottleshops.

  • How to make people fall in love with your brands.

  • How to create a culture and how to share that with your customers.

  • How to grow your brand in on-premise accounts.

  • How to create effective retail merchandising programs that work in retail.

  • How to build your brand as a sustainable brand.

  • How To Pitch Your Brand To A Prospective Distributor.

  • Top 3 Tips on getting paid and managing risks by Tim Duval

  • Franchise states and compliance issues to navigate the USA Market

  • Alternate strategies to grow your brand in the USA

  • How to pitch into National Chains

Join us in New York City at the USATT Conference to get in-depth insight into top sales, distribution and marketing techniques being used in the wine, beer and spirits industry

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