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Chateau Peyfaures

2023 USATT Exhibitors

Our ambition is to share the magic of Bordeaux with the world.

Just 6 minutes south of St Emilion, UNESCO's world heritage medieval town, in the small hamlet of Genissac, you will find Château Peyfaures – one of the most highly reputed vineyards in the appellation of Bordeaux Supérieur. Nestled among ancient trees and sweeping limestone hills, the vineyard is has been steadily producing premium quality wine for nearly 190 years.

Although it’s an appellation steeped in rigid tradition, Château Peyfaures prides itself on being a resolutely progressive estate with its eye on producing the best the region can offer. Having witnessed seven generations having cared for the estate since 1830, the last in the line.

For more information, visit: Chateau Peyfaures