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Callan DeBruyn

Callan deBruyn – Director of Business Development at US Wine Transport

Callan has 8 years of direct experience in transportation and logistics, specifically with wine wholesalers and distributors around the US. Prior to those 8 years, she worked in sales but had a bird’s eye view into the wine world as US Wine Transport was started and is still lead by her dad. She combines a unique understanding of the urgency of a highly motivated sales force with the operational expertise of US Wine’s team to design solutions that are ideal for independent players in the beverage space. US Wine Transport prides itself on saying “yes” to their customers and meeting their needs as they develop. Callan facilitates this by balancing the interests of all of the parties involved in making an order succeed so that US Wine’s customers can have a seamless experience, no matter where the order comes from, it’s size, or when it is submitted.