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Steve Beckner, CSW

Wine & Spirits Buyer at Grocery Outlet

Steve Beckner is based out of Half Moon Bay, California, United States and works at Grocery Outlet as Wine & Spirits Buyer. Grocery Outlet is an extreme retailer; that means we don't buy product at regular costs to sell at regular retail. Instead, we buy heavily discounted products (overstock, label changes, over-production, i.e. Closeouts) and offer these to our customers at savings from at least 40%, up to 80% off the regular retail. We are the discreet outlet (no web site to be shopped via the internet, nor do we advertise on wine-searcher) for producers to get out from under their overstocks and move on. Most of what we sell is excess inventory that we get at a heavily discounted cost and sell at a heavily discounted retail. 75% of the wines in our stores retail for $5.99 or under.