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Steve Beckner, CSW

As you may or may not know, we are not a typical retailer. Grocery Outlet is an extreme retailer; that means we don't buy product at regular costs to sell at regular retail. Instead, we buy heavily discounted products (overstock, label changes, over-production, i.e. Closeouts) and offer these to our customers at savings from at least 40%, up to 80% off the regular retail. We are the discreet outlet (no web site to be shopped via the internet, nor do we advertise on wine-searcher) for producers to get out from under their overstocks and move on. Most of what we sell is excess inventory that we get at a heavily discounted cost and sell at a heavily discounted retail. 75% of the wines in our stores retail for $5.99 or under.

We realize that this doesn’t work for everyone, which we totally understand. But those are the guidelines with which we must work under here at GO. We would love to work with you to try and find something that would work in our stores.


Meet our 2023 conference speakers

Bruce  Abbott

Bruce Abbott

Wine and Spirits Category Manager at Brown Jug Alaska

Mike Boswell

Mike Boswell

Vice President of Digital and eCommerce at Breakthru Beverage Group