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USATT 2017 : Book By MAY 31, 2016

Meet Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Press of USA in NYC. Super Early Bird Pricing Ends 31 May, 2016 (Savings of $900 + BTN annual membership). Only 25% Required.

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#USATT 2016 Testimonials


Almost done and I have a lot of cards… we'll see what happens!!! #USATT #wine @bouchonwines

Fernanda Díaz | Bouchon Wines

A good few days @BeverageTrade #USATT connecting with the beverage industry.

Hannah Hanley | Heritage Distilling

We have signed up with BTN since 5 years and were their first 10 members and since then we have stayed with them. That says a lot in what they are building here.

Chander Arora, Founder | Vodquila

We have heard a lot of great stories from a lot of great suppliers that are here.

Jody Slone-Spitalink, COO | Beverage Media Group

It was a pleasure working with Beverage Trade Network and be part of their vision to build USATT into a default show for entrepreneurs from all over the world that are building their brands in US market.

Josh Wand, President & Founder | BevForce

We found several great contacts from CT, NY, NV and FL. The trip was definitely well worth our time.

Carl D. Morandell | Morandell Imports

We met quality importers and distributors who were the right fit for us and I have a follow up meeting scheduled with a prospective importer in 3 days.

Johline Barnardt | Van Loveren Family Wines

 Here i had an opportunity to see wineries, importers and distributors. I thought it was just the place to be

Loreto Herrero | TomeVinos

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