USA Trade Tasting's WiFi is sponsored by 365WineTrade. Meet them at table number 45.  The Ultimate Cloud ERP for Wine and Spirits Distributors Designed to Integrate, Automate, and Connect Your Business. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Wish you could automate complex pricing, tax calculations, and compliance reporting by state? Want a fully integrated ERP solution developed for wine and spirits distributors out of the box? Need real-time tracking of every detail of every item, order, and chargeback across multiple warehouses? Let 365WineTrade team help you.

About 365WineTrade

The highly regulated and unrivaled complexities of wine and spirits distribution leaves very few choices for an integrated software solution that fits. That’s why Western Computer has applied more than 30 years of proven industry expertise to design 365WineTrade, a fully integrated, fully optimized wine distribution ERP solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and completely tailored to your business. With embedded multi-state compliance and reporting, inventory and warehouse management, automated tax calculations and chargebacks, flexible industry pricing, container management, centralized data, demand planning, mobile apps, pre-built Power BI performance reports—and a whole lot more—365WineTrade by Western Computer is transforming how wine and spirits distributors can compete.

Western Computer speaks your language, solves your challenges, and sets you up for long-term success. Talk to them at Table 45 and see how they can help you.