Showcasing Unique and Innovative Brands from all over the World to the US Buyers.

USA Trade Tasting will be promoting ‘Unique and Innovative Products’ (UIP) at the 2017 show from all over the world to US Buyers.

‘The idea is to make New York the first test market around the globe for new concepts and ideas related to branded alcoholic products. Suppliers can get key buyer feedback and plan their go to market strategy based on the feedback and initial buyer interest. Buyers will get a chance to look at unique and innovative brands and concepts from all over the world in one dedicated area at the show. Buyers will be able to add unique brands to their portfolios and offer their retail customers something fresh and new”, Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network and USA Trade Tasting.

Location Benefits: New York is the ideal location to establish an international trade event like this. The city is ideally located providing easy access for anyone living on the East Coast. For West Coast suppliers and attendees, the city is easy to find direct flights into. NYC is also easily accessible from major cities in Europe and around the world. New York is a major consumer market allowing attendees to blend in sales work with their business research.

How It Works: Brands that qualify for UIP will be clearly marked in the program guide and tasting floor. An additional icon will be placed on exhibitors’ table tents to indicate that it is recognized as a UIP.