Why is USATT Beneficial For You?

As a buyer, your time is valuable, and you need a compelling reason to attend a trade show happening in New York City. We don’t have one, rather we have six.

Here are 6 reasons why you must attend USA Trade Tasting at the Met Pavilion in New York City on May 16 & 17, 2017.


This is an excellent time for you to meet and greet with industry professionals. We bring together importers, distributors, retailers, producers from over 20 countries, members of the press and international attendees all under the one roof. Everyone present is here for a reason – they are ready for business, to learn and grow their enterprise and curious to see what’s new.

There is the Tasting Floor where you are sure to run into someone you know and meet some new faces, but aside from that there is a networking hour dedicated just for you to have conversations at a relaxed pace.

Sourcing Unique and Innovative Products

In an industry flooded with the same old products, everyone is looking for the next big thing. We have looked through the products brought in by our exhibitors and those that we found to be truly innovating and exceptional have been marked so. You will find these mentioned separately in the Program Guide as well as highlighted with a badge on the exhibitor table. Will you find a winning product at USATT?

Show Deals

Don’t walk away empty handed. This is your day to make a deal and a good one at that. Exhibitors are giving away the best deals possible for these two-days only. So come to the trade floor and grab these deals that will not last beyond the close of USA Trade Tasting.

Attending masterclasses

This year we have picked masterclasses for two burgeoning regions. Ripe for the picking, come and taste these excellent wines and make them part of your portfolio.

Beaujolais: Wines from this region are known to over-deliver in every way possible. With more than 50% of their stock selling out within a week natively, you know they have something good to offer. Lying so close to Burgundy that sometimes it is confused with it, these wines stand out proudly on their own. Produced solely from the Gamay grape, using hand-picked methods, come and find out why these need to be part of your portfolio.

Chateau Rongzi: Jean-Claude Berrouet is a wine-maker with a history, a rich history spanning a few decades of award-winning wines from Chateau Petrus in Bordeaux. He is known for being a “classicist” winemaker and making wines that are balanced and represent their origins. He spent a year at Chateau Rongzi, perfecting these wines to be true to their terroir.

You wouldn’t want to miss these iconic wines produced in the Shanxi region of China.

USATT Conference

We have a great line-up of speakers this year and our conference topics are designed with subjects for importers, distributors, retailers and producers.

Hear Jonathan Newman tell you how to win over mega retail chain stores and let Thomas Barfoed from JF Hillebrand, the world leaders in logistics show you how best to optimize this big-ticket expense for your company; Stephen Fahy talks about merchandising programs that work for retailers in today’s world.  There is also a Press panel to talk about major media related questions.

USATT Office Hours

A Q&A session designed especially for importers and distributors where they can ask their questions to industry veterans and have their questions answered by them. USATT’s Office Hours sessions give you a chance to talk one-on-one with speakers and mentors. Importers and distributors will share what they are really looking for when selecting a new brand. What do they expect from a new brand? And, why some brands make it and some don’t. There will be in-depth advice and discussion on what importers and distributors are really looking for.

A panel question and answer session will be included in USA Trade Tasting 2017 as part of the Conference. This will cover pertinent information like what your introductory communication to a prospective importer and/or distributor should say.  We  have conducted research to identify the defined set of questions and concerns importers and distributors want addressed in order to consider a supplier. We’ll give you the outline for the key elements needed in a pitch document.  This will allow each winery to have a competitive edge and the information you provide will communicate to the importer/distributor that you are aware of the workings of the U.S. alcoholic beverage market.

Event Producer: Beverage Trade Network

USA Trade Tasting is brought to you by Beverage Trade Network, the leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global beverage industry. Beverage Trade Network (BTN) successfully connects wineries, breweries, distilleries and brand owners with international importers, distributors, brokers and beverage industry professionals on a daily basis. Strong partnerships with international and US organizations have helped BTN establish USA Trade Tasting as a premiere sales and marketing event committed to connecting the beverage industry.

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