20 Hot Wine Apps and Website in USA that Wineries Can Leverage Upon

Wineries can leverage numerous websites and apps to sell wines and grow their distribution. These apps and websites will allow a winery to boost their sales figures by getting their wines to more consumers via additional channels. Listed below are the Top 20 websites and apps that wineries can utilize.


Snooth Wine Pro

Snooth Wine Pro -Wine Apps and Websites

The Snooth Wine Pro app is a companion to Snooth.com which is the world’s largest wine website that will change the way you experience the world of wine. Snap a picture of a wine label and we’ll find it in our extensive database of over 1 million wine records. Find your notes, along with critics’ scores, other wine lovers’ ratings, and price listings from local retailers. The app will automatically sync all your data to Snooth.com for easy access wherever you are. This app is highly rated and very easy to use. You can take a picture of a wine and compare prices, quality over 12,000 merchants worldwide.

AG Wine
AG Wine-Wine Apps and Websites

AG Wine app – Wine Apps is rated number 1 for wine education by FOOD & WINE magazine. Approach Guides takes an in depth looks at a wine region’s grapes, appellations, and vintages to help you discover wines that meet your preferences. Approach Guides is the only app recommended for casual wine drinkers and professionals. Approach Guides is a source of clear, unbiased information that helps them understand, appreciate, and discover new wines. AG wine is a premium app for learning about wine.




Drync- Wines Apps and We

With the help of Drync app – Wine Apps you can shop, browse, scan and learn about wine. Drync is having more choices of wine the any other app have. With the help of this app you can find wine by style, region and grapes. You can also get expert advice and recommendation from Drync team. You can everyday see the new wine which are adding and rating of it. You can also add your own comments, reviews and tasting notes. This app also helps you with the shipping of wine at your home.


Vivino- Wine Apps and WebsitesIf you want to shop wine, dinning out, inviting for dinner or just want to try new wines Vivino App is best wine app for you offered by Vivino.  You can get to know any wine in seconds with a simple scan of a wine label. With the help of this app you can find best wine deals and you can buy online. You can get an overview of your personal taste profile. You can also learn about the wines you love. With the help of this app you can take a photo of any label and you will get instant information on the wine. You also get an inside track on little-known wines with rave reviews.




Winc- Wine Apps and Websites

Winc is a website from you can discover and buy wines. This website was established in 2012. Winc is reimagining every aspect of wine, from the art and science of winemaking to packaging and transport to how wine is sold, distributed, and ultimately enjoyed. The goal of Winc is to make wine approachable and accessible.





Minibar- Wine Apps and Website

Minibar is an app and website for shopping of wine, beer and liquor. They deliver wine, beer and liquor to your door within 30-60 minutes. Minibar provides a better way to shop, bringing the liquor store to your door with the touch of a button. On Minibar you can easily order alcohol from your phone in just a few clicks. Simply enter your delivery address, add your favorite items to your cart and checkout with your card on file. This app is perfect for stocking the bar, dinner parties, sending gifts, office events, tailgates, pre-parties, after-parties, or when you just need a cocktail.

Saucey- Wine Apps and Wbsites

Saucey is app as well as website for fastest, easiest and most reliable for order beer, wine and spirits. With the help of this app you can pick what you want, checkout with your card on file and your Saucey courier will be there in 20-40 minutes. This app is perfect for the night in, bbq, dinner, office event, tailgate, pre-party, after-party, gifting or you’d just like a cocktail. They are more convenient, and often less expensive than going to the local store.




Lot18- Wine Apps and Websites

Lot18 is also an app and website for wine purchasing. Lot18 provides access to high-quality wines at very attractive price.  You can get 24/7 access to the latest Lot18 wine offers with this app. You can instantly buy a wine with your iPhone. Lot18 is a great site to find wines not readily available in your local wine shop.



Klink Delivery

Klink- Wine Apps and Websites

Klink Delivery is an app and website for beer, wine and spirits to your doorstep within an hour. You can choose from thousands of beers, wines, spirits and mixers. You can view drinks by category, filter the inventory for fine-tuned shopping or search to find exactly what you’re looking for. They are collaborating with drink experts and mixologists to curate a wide range of packs.




VINEBOX- Wine Apps and Websites

VINEBOX is a website for purchasing wine. They send you incredible wines that you can’t find anywhere else, by the glass. VineBox app works as a Vine client for your iPhone. It is easy to save, watch, like, comment, follow, revine, share, search your favorite Vine videos and keep an offline copy. With the help of this app you can watch the most popular Vines in one beautifully designed app.



Thirstie- Wine Apps and Websites

Thirstie is an app and website for alcohol delivery. Thirstie is now providing local delivery of wine, beer and spirits that make getting your favorite alcohol as easy as clicking a button. If you Want access to exclusive content, looking for expert recommendations, or searching for the perfect easy-to-make cocktail recipe, Thirstie is the perfect partner and your go-to resource for expert drinking guidance anytime, anywhere.



Delectable - Wine Apps and Websites

Delectable is an ‘Essential Wine App’. You can follow top sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros with the help of this app. You can keep track of your favorites and learn more about wine by following the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics. You can also add your own ratings and tasting notes to keep track of your favorites. You can share recommendations with friends.

Hello Vino

hello-vino- Wine Apps and Websites


Hello Vino is a wine recommendation app and your personal assistant in the wine store or restaurant. Hello Vino gently prompts users through interactive questions to find the best wine for a particular meal, holiday or taste preference. Audio reviews provide a nice touch.



The Wine Coach

Wine coach- Wine Apps and WebsitesThe Wine Coach is an official app of Laurie Forster. It boasts weekly wine picks, audio and video podcasts, a varietal guide to grapes and an interactive feature where users can submit questions and label pictures via email.





Plonk- Wine Apps and Websites

Plonk is an app which is a secret weapon to find the wines you love. With Plonk you can answer 3 Taste Test questions to find the grapes you might like to drink. With the help of this app you can discover more about grapes, styles and food matches – filled with quirky facts, the app helps you find out more about your favorite grapes as well as the perfect food match.


The Wine Ratings Guide

Wine Rating Guide - Wine A

The Wine Ratings Guide is almost like having your own personal sommelier at your beck and call. This highly rated, user-friendly app draws on a database of 1 million wines and provides flavor profiles, pairing suggestions, room to add your own ratings and the ability to view customized lists from other users.




Crushed- Wine Apps and Websi


Crushed is a socially driven wine app where users can track, search and share their favorite wines across social networks. This app is perfect for those who get status-happy with their wine buzz.





Winesimple- Wine Apps and Websites

WineSimple makes it easy to discover wines you’ll love. Take our 7 question Taste Quiz to create your FREE Taste Profile and see which wines WineSimple recommends for you. Rather than show you which wines pair best with which foods, this app pairs wines with you. A fancy algorithm helps to determine your taste profile and then Wine-Simple recommends bottles taking into account things such as your favorite ice cream flavor and how you take your coffee.


Blush- Wine Apps and Websites

Blush for Wine is mobile wine shopping companion that helps you find wines to match your taste, occasion and budget. Blush matches wines to your preferences and tells you where to buy them at the lowest price nearby. You can choose the perfect wine before even entering the store. Blush  has a clever survey to help you find the best wine for any occasion or meal.



Wine Quick Picks

Wine Quick Picks- Wine Apps ansd Websites

This one comes from the minds of Nirvino, who created the spectacular Wine Ratings Guide.  Quick Picks offers straight-ahead more correct than its socially driven counterparts. Wine Quick Picks arms you with lists of the best value wine taken from our database of over two million bottles. Find wine for any occasion, sort and filter by preference, and get in and out of the store quickly and confidently.


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