Taste Sash & Fritz: A German Vodka with Russian Soul at USATT

Sash & FritzSash & Fritzthat’s German vodka combining Russian tradition with German precision and perfection. Only the best, carefully selected ingredients, such as 100 percent German wheat and clear spring water from the Ore Mountains, are processed into top-quality vodka in a carefully thought out manufacturing process. The result: manufactory vodka at the highest level, with recognizable aromas of grain and yellow fruits, as well as a very subtle yet easily perceptible sweetness. No unnecessary processes or additions – and definitely not absolutely neutral.

Sash & Fritz combines the best German wheat with pure, fresh spring water. This is manufactory vodka at the highest level, which stands out from conventional vodka thanks to its recognizable aromas of grain and yellow fruits and a very subtle yet easily perceptible sweetness.


Sash & Fritz

Sash & Fritz vodka not only tastes good, it also looks good. This is because we attach great importance to the purity of the raw materials and manufacturing perfection of the packaging, just as he does for the vodka. Fritz comes in sophisticated bottles made of high-quality special flint glass, exclusively designed for the company. The material is known for its exceptional quality, clarity, and consistency because it is especially transparent and translucent.

The quality of the vodka is characterized by perfection and precision in the production: 5-fold careful distillation and 5-fold gentle filtering guarantee the pure, unique taste of Sash & Fritz. Recognizable flavors of cereals and yellow fruits and a very discreet, easily perceptible sweetness, Sash & Fritz distinguish from conventional vodka. 

They recommend Sash & Fritz be chilled, but not ice-cold. This is the only way to experience the unadulterated taste: clear and soft, warm and cool at the same time, with a fine silky finish.

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