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About Robinson & Sinclair : 

Robinson & Sinclair are the exporters of premium wines based South Africa. They market their portfolio to established distributors and importers worldwide, their wines are featured in Supermarkets, Specialty retail stores, wine boutiques, restaurants, wine bars and hotels across the world. They also have an excellent standing in the dominant Monopolies of the wine world. Robinson & Sinclair opened their business in 2003. Where they are now, by every measurement possible, is a testimony to their professionalism and attention to detail. Continue reading

Meet Robinson & Sinclair: Exporters of Premium Wines at USATT

Robinson & SinclairGrowing – and making – great wine is a hands-on labour of love; an intimate relationship between people, vines and terroir.
As noble as this pursuit may be, the winemaker cannot consume all that she produces. They connect wineries with markets in dozens of countries around the world, ensuring that they add value to each step in the process, including:

  • New product sourcing & development
  • Supply chain follow up
  • Label follow up
  • Logistics management
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Marketing material

They make it easy and effective for the hundreds of importers they deal with around the world to procure – and sell – the products of their winery partners.

Attention To Detail
Should clients have any special requests (paperwork, samples, visits) they make sure that they close the loop. Follow-up is an important part of the service which they offer (and not necessarily the strength of passionate winemakers). They’re physically present in both the winelands and the markets, so they are able to simultaneously look out for the best interests of all parties.

An Excellent Product 
They have chosen good terroir and identity wines that are internationally recognized and have a global distribution network in place.

A Wealth of Experience 
Robinson and Sinclair export to 25 countries around the world via more than 85 importers/distributors and major national retailers.

Thinking Ahead
They are actively involved with the winemaking process and they constantly stimulate their winemakers to add new and innovative wines and developments to their ranges. 

Quality Control
The estates we represent are all privately owned and use their own fruit. This means that consistency in quality can be assured.


Their wineries represent the majority of the top producing regions in South Africa, as well as an emerging representation from Portugal and Italy. This enables our clients from around the world to have one contact point – and consolidated shipments – even if they are purchasing wines from a dozen different producers.

Robinson & Sinclair

Robinson & Sinclair – One Contact Point, Linking the world’s wine lovers with hundreds of wines from dozens of Wineries.

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