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About Cantine Italia:

A 100% Italian winery that comes from a history and experience arising from throughout the country.

High quality and great wines are therefore synonymous with convivial moments of great taste, happiness, and harmony.

Cantine Italia’s wines are the result of careful selections that took place over the course of years of improvements but respecting the variety tradition. Obviously, they’re contained their choice to the most popular wines, the most successful ones or where they get more consensus, in any case, Their list is constantly updated and every year they add new products. Their website and their sales executives are available for further information.

They are a modern Italian winery that, with its founders, has strong roots in the Italian wine culture.

Cantine Italia’s wines come only from grapes of their possessions or selected associated exclusively on Italian territory. The strict quality controls they are subjected to their wines during all processing stages provide high-level results.

They aim to bring to the attention of a growing number of admirers in the world one of the main Italian products: WINE.

Italy since the times of the ancient Romans produced different varieties of so-called “Nectar of the Gods”, after more than two thousand years the difference can be described in three variables: quality, quantity, and variety.

Then as now proud Italian Winemakers, without any distinction of latitude, they offer excellent products  Cantine Italia, want to increase the number of fans in the world, with their brands, the culture of Italian wine and the incredible variety of wine products that the whole world envies them.

Where to buy:

Their products are available in many countries (Italy, Germany, Poland, England, Spain, China, and USA); you can buy them from wine shops, supermarket, and restaurants or online through our website, Amazon or Ebay.

Cantine Italia’s Brands:

Sansemio, Casa Ducale and Feudi Regina identify their wines families with different product features.

Sansemio represents the range of wines with high market impact.

Casa Ducale identifies important wines from areas with great traditions and that are rich in history and culture.

Feudi Regina is our top of the range. Carefully selected wines, with an unmistakable bouquet, subject to strict disciplinary rules to guarantee the quality and value for customers.

Cabernet Veneto IGT

Cabernet Veneto IGT is produced by Cabernet grapes (80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Cabernet Franc) grown in the Veneto region, Cabernet represents the most widespread species in the world in the family of Vitis Vinfera. Veneto is a region in Italy  North East side, famous for the worldwide knew city of Venice, it is an area with fertile soil and favourable climate, sheltered from the cold north winds by the Alps mountains chain and mitigated by the close presence of Adriatic Sea as also of several lakes.

Cabernet vines grow in Veneto arranged in Guyot or pergola style with a typical yield of around 130-140 quintals per hectare. Vinified in red after the harvest (late September/early October) with an 8-to 10-day maceration at controlled temperature. The result is a pleasant wine, able to accompany every kind of meal, soft and from the smooth tannins, with a garnet red lit and bright colour, with purple hues.

Dry, soft and harmonious is full of wine fragrances  with notes of herbs and fresh fruit.


Dolcetto del Monferrato DOC

Dolcetto del Monferrato DOC Dolcetto is a black grape that evolved in Piedmont, grown exclusively in this region where he found his ideal habitat in the Langhe territory and in the South of Piedmont.

It is a red wine, with hints of fruit, full and enveloping, with a tasty structure rich in tannins, to the palate is velvety and pleasantly drinkable.

It’s an intense red wine that goes well with any dish.



Moscato Spumante Dolce

Moscato Spumante Dolce (Sparkling Sweet). The Moscato is a wine produced from vines with ancient origins, present in Mediterranean areas already at the time of the ancient Romans, from which it was called “vitis apiana” as beloved by bees for the gentleness of its grape berries.

The pleasant sweetness of this wine is due either to the grape characteristics and to the ripeness degree reached by the grapes berries. While the soil type and the sun and weather exposure gives to the wine taste-aromatic scent expressions of great breadth. The colour is straw yellow with golden and amber reflections, the scents are the primary ones from the origin fruit that evoke sensations of honey, almonds and apricots. The fermentation process instead gives to the Moscato the sparkling delicious bubbles that conquest yourself and wraps the palate.

Cantine Italia exclusively produces and bottles Italian wines from selected Italian grapes, rigorously checked during all processing stages to ensure high level results.

They operate through a network of distributors, partners and agents to offer Italian wine culture and the incredible variety of winemaking products that are heritage of their territory.

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