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Beverage Media Group Overview:

Beverage Media GroupFounded in 1936, Beverage Media Group is the service provider for the Beverage Media Group publications. ’re the go-to wine & spirits trade resource for brand and pricing information and new product launches, as well as effective bar management tips, cocktail and wine trends, and important legal issues for the on- and off-premise.


For 80 Years Beverage Media Group, Inc. has been dedicated to being the dominant business to a business communications system in the promotion, distribution and marketing of beverage alcohol products. While they continue to expand their national coverage both in print and online, their unique “local advantage” gives us the flexibility to allow suppliers and wholesalers to tailor their selling and marketing messages.

Beverage Media Group

BMG is the service provider to the Beverage Media Group publications. Each monthly issue combines timely, in-depth national and local editorial coverage with brand and price listings from distributors. Reaching 33 markets and over 80,000 on- and off-premise trade members combined, the publications provide a unique “local advantage” and give suppliers and distributors the opportunity to target their key customers.

Beverage Media Group connects licensees to local distributor brand and price information online throughout the U.S. Here licensees have access to powerful tools for search as well as a shopping cart to order direct from distributors. The website also provides daily industry news, editorial archives and a robust event calendar. In addition, through its BevSites division, the company also hosts approximately 200 e-commerce websites for retailers, specifically designed to sell to consumers.

Beverage Media Group Services:

Beverage Media Publications:

Beverage Media Group publications reach beverage alcohol licensees in the top U.S. markets. Each monthly book communicates new product launches, current industry & local event news as well as brand and price listings of beverage alcohol products.

Beverage Media GroupReaching over 80,000 on- and off-premise qualified trade members, the publications are often referred to as the “Bible” of the industry, offering the largest compilation of beverage alcohol brand and pricing information available in the marketplace.

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Preparation to Pitching: How to get and grow with your distributor

How to get and grow with your distributor?

In today’s ever changing world of craft beer, never has it been more important to understand how to work in harmony with your wholesaler. With the number of breweries expected to reach 6K before the end of 2017, differentiating yourself with your wholesaler is critical to success. Beer wholesalers expect a level of quality not just in the beer made but in the business plan prepared and presented.

This presentation will walk you through identifying a network, how to make the contact, building out the plan and how to deliver in a manner that will set you apart from your competitor. A concise step by step of all the details needed to help make the move into the wholesale world and generate growth for both you and your partners.

 Adam Lambert’s Bio:

adam_lambertAdam has spent the last 20 years learning from just about every angle of the beverage industry. Starting as a grocery store liquor clerk and growing to his current COO position with Storied Craft Breweries, a growth capital company. Adam has spent time as VP of Sales for Virtue Cider part of the ABI’s High End group, New Holland Brewery and Distillery as VP of Sales, 7 years’ as VP of Sales for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and 6 years as National Sales and Marketing Manager for Rogue Ales. Past experiences include owning a wine distribution company and beverage brokerage, managing the west coast as a brewery brand manager for SLO Brewing Company and is a proud graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Adam has been a member of the Independent Council on 3-Tier Dynamics and long serving member of the Brewers Association Export Development Committee. Adam has been a featured presenter at the Craft Brewers Conference, Brew bound Brew Talks, Beverage Trade Network, and the Bar and Night Club Show.

Learn from some of the most influential professionals in the beverage industry at the USATT conference. Meet Adam Lambert at USATT conference and learn more about How to get and grow with your distributor.

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