7 Ways That Brands Can Optimize Their Domestic and International Logistics

Thomas Barfoed, Managing Director of JF Hillebrand USA, who had discussed the “7 Ways That Brands Can Optimize Their Domestic and International Logistics.” For example, he discussed how small and mid-size brands can optimize their shipments to the U.S., what logistical factors might impact margins and pricing, and how different modes of transportation can impact your go-to-market strategy.

About Thomas Barfoed

Thomas Barfoed is the Managing Director at JF Hillebrand USA, a company specialized in global logistics for wines, spirits, and beer. In the 17 years, he has been with the company, Thomas has held various leadership roles in key wine and spirits markets – starting first in his home country of Denmark, then Russia, Chile, Canada and now in the USA. He credits his time attending high school in Kansas City as part of the reason why the USA has always held a special interest for him; not only because of his experiences then but also for the diverse market and business opportunities today.

“Learning from different cultures and professional environments has always fascinated me and being able to foster development and expand business within those frameworks has become my personal motivation.” In his current role, Thomas oversees all activities involving import, export, domestic transport and integrated beverage logistics in the USA. He is based out of the JF Hillebrand USA headquarters in New Jersey where he lives with his family.

About The USA Trade Tasting:

USATT is an annual show for retailers, sommeliers, bartenders, importers and distributors to network, learn and find new opportunities to grow.

Every year, the USATT Show brings together small and medium-sized importers, distributors, retailers and press professionals of the US wine, spirits and beer industry in New York City for 2 days of learning, buying and selling, networking and fun — all designed to help participants grow their bottom line. Visitor trade registrations are now open.

About the Event Organizer:
Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is a leading online marketing and B2B networking platform servicing suppliers, buyers and beverage professionals in the global beverage industry. BTN provides a selection of sourcing solutions for importers and distributors as well as an extensive range of marketing and distribution services for international suppliers. BTN also runs a line-up of B2B trade shows around the world. For more information about BTN, please visit www.beveragetradenetwork.com 

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Leading Wine, Beer and Spirits Events and Trade Shows in the USA

Are you looking for a list of shows in the USA to showcase your brand in front of influential trade representatives?  In this article, we outline some of the top wine, beer and spirit events in the USA.0Y9A5788













Leading Wine, Beer and Spirits Events and Trade Shows in the USA

Wine Bloggers Conference

wbcHeld annually, the Wine Bloggers Conference is the must attend event for wine writers in North America.  The conference visits a different wine region every year in its attempt to connect wine writers with the heart and soul of new and old traditions alike.

With over 300 professional and amateur writers in attendance, the Wine Bloggers Conference gives participating wineries an incomparable chance to connect with influential media that can help build brand recognition in new markets.  Learn from experts in technology, social media and writing about how to generate an authoritative online presence.

Craft Brewers Conference

Brewers_assocAnother annual event that travels from city to city, the Craft Brewers Conference is one of the most important events in the craft beer industry. Focused on educating craft brewers on sales and distribution, CBC is host to 10,000 visitors and their Brew Expo America platform helps breweries connect with distributors from around the country.

The event is produced by the Brewer’s Association and services both brewpub and packaging breweries. Sharing ideas on affordable brewing and innovative business ventures, the event explores important industry information with visitors looking to learn from successful fellow craft beer trades people.

Distiller’s Convention and Trade Show

ACSAConsidered the largest gathering of craft distillers in the US, The Distiller’s Convention and Trade Show delivers attendees an inside look at actionable strategies to improve business and expand their offering.

The trade show hosts over 100 different exhibitors and runs concurrently with the convention.  Both the trade show and convention are hosted by the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), a national non profit organization whose mission is to provide a wide spread sense of community and establish sustainable growth for the craft spirit industry in the USA.

Nightclub and Bar Show

nightclubThe Nightclub and Bar Show attracts on-premise professionals and suppliers specializing in nightlife entertainment and is an important trade show for brands looking to generate brand awareness through on-premise accounts.

From bar management to marketing, hundreds of meetings with professionals around the US take place at this event. The Nightclub and Bar Show is the perfect spot to connect with the industry and prepare your restaurants, nightclubs and bars for a new year of trending themes and brands.

National Restaurant Association

NRAThe National Restaurant Association hold a number of events throughout the year to encourage members on adopting new practices in areas such as: improving supply chain issues; cyber security; workforce engagement; marketing; innovation in the marketplace; food quality; and much more.

Supporters of education and activation in Public Policy, the NRA also works towards bringing solutions to restaurant owners and employees through responsible advocacy.  To see a full list of the services and events they offer, please visit their events calendar here.

San Diego Spirits Festival

SD_spirits_festivalA major culinary and cultural staple of southern California, The San Diego Spirits Festival top highlights include bartender competitions, tastings, and seminars – all of which showcase some of the country’s best spirits to an excited consumer base from around the country.

The festival is a must attend for all cocktail lovers. Network with exciting mixologists, connect with bar owners, and take your spirits to one of the most exciting spirit markets in the USA.

WSWA Convention & Exposition

wswaThe Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association Convention & Exposition is held for WSWA member distributors to meet with existing portfolio partners and seek out new services and products.

The event gives brand owners a chance at connecting with important distributors and also showcases high profile keynote speakers from across various American business sectors.

Sponsored by The Tasting Panel and The SOMM Journal, WSWA tasting competitions in wine, mixology, and spirits also offer trades people the opportunity to showcase their products and skill in front of some o the biggest names in the alcoholic beverage industry.

USA Trade Tasting

USA_Trade_Tasting_Logo_SmallUSA Trade Tasting is a trade only tasting event and business conference for representatives from wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers and media. The event takes place at the Metropolitan Center in New York City on May 16-17, 2017.

With over 200 exhibitors, the event host to over 500 agents from industry buyers that are open for business. USATT is a trade only B2B event connecting exhibitors with new buyers from leading importers, distributors and retailers in the US industry.

If you are a wine, beer or spirits producer or an USA importer/distributor looking to grow, USATT is the perfect platform to help you build your network and grow your company.

The event is also a host to a full day business conference with speakers from some of the most important companies and organizations doing business in the US.  The conference is a one of kind opportunity for beverage professionals to connect and learn about best practices currently being used in the marketplace.

USA Trade Tasting 2018 Exhibitor Registrations Now Open.Become an Exhibitor Now.