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Robinson & Sinclair are the exporters of premium wines based South Africa. They market their portfolio to established distributors and importers worldwide, their wines are featured in Supermarkets, Specialty retail stores, wine boutiques, restaurants, wine bars and hotels across the world. They also have an excellent standing in the dominant Monopolies of the wine world. Robinson & Sinclair opened their business in 2003. Where they are now, by every measurement possible, is a testimony to their professionalism and attention to detail.

Why Choose Robinson & Sinclair

*Growing – and making – great wine is a hands-on labor of love; an intimate relationship between people, vines, and terroir.As noble as this pursuit may be, the winemaker cannot consume all that they produce. they connect wineries with markets in dozens of countries around the world, ensuring that we add value to each step in the process, including:

  • New product sourcing & development
  • Supply chain follow up
  • Label follow up
  • Logistics management
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Marketing material

They make it easy and effective for the hundreds of importers they deal with around the world to procure – and sell – the products of their winery partners.

The wineries, similarly, are able to maintain a depth of relationship with numerous markets that they would not be able to achieve alone.

They opened their business in 2003. Where they are now, by every measurement possible, is a testimony to our professionalism and attention to detail.

Switched on, Hands on
The time they invest in the wine markets is invaluable to both their wineries and and for them. They make sure that at least one of their team members travels to each market a minimum of twice a year to perform in-store tastings, host wine dinners and do general trade visits. They encourage representatives from our wineries to do the same.

Quality Control

The estates we represent are all privately owned and use their own fruit. This means that consistency in quality can be assured.

Diversity Is Our Strength
They have select only the best wineries that each wine-growing region in South Africa and Portugal has to offer. Their customers have the benefit of single shipments of orders mixed from across their wineries.

Robinson & Sinclair Distribution Regions:

Their wineries represent the majority of the top producing regions in South Africa, as well as an emerging representation from Portugal and Italy. This enables their clients from around the world to have one contact point – and consolidated shipments – even if they are purchasing wines from a dozen different producers.

Their own office is in the heart of Cape Town, the world’s Design Capital for 2014. While none of this terroir makes its way into the bottle, it is an inspiration for their team as we work with our partners.

Robinson & Sinclair

Robinson & Sinclair

Robinson & Sinclair Wineries;

(Swartland, South Africa)

Robinson & Sinclair

Babylon’s Peak is the name given to a tall granite outcrop on the Paardeberg, between Paarl and Malmesbury. Far from being a disharmonious ‘tower of Babel’, the wines are really good, and a credit to winemaker Stephan Basson, the fourth generation of winemakers in the family. The cellar had last been used in 1948, but Stephan re-commissioned the farm’s cellar in 2003.

The Swartland region mostly comprises a succession of undulating hills that don’t achieve any great altitude. However, the Bassons’ Nooitgedacht farm has vineyards that extend 700m up the Paardeberg, which results in more moderate temperatures during the ripening period. Days are hot, but night time temperatures can drop to between 8 and 15°C.

One of the key features of Swartland viticulture is that the vineyards are mostly dryland bush vines, which results in small berries with thicker skins. Wines made from this fruit (especially the reds) are intensely concentrated.

(Elgin, South Africa)

Robinson & Sinclair

The Elgin Vintners is a partnership of six dedicated grape growers who, believing in the excellence of the Elgin terroir and diversity of their vineyards, have combined their resources to cultivate, produce and market their range of fine quality wines in the Elgin Valley.

Careful site selection and innovative viticultural practices produce grapes that are vinified by individual winemakers, selected for their affinity to and passion for a particular cultivar, which in turn expresses the outstanding quality of their wines.

With a total of 101.5 hectares

under vineyard, Elgin Vintners is fast becoming one of the upcoming gems of the South African wine industry.

The Elgin Pinot Noir 2012 has done exceptionally well, not only receiving a Decanter Gold but the International Trophy as well.

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