Restaurant Owners and Sommeliers to Gather in NYC at USATT

Beverage Trade Network, the leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global beverage industry, will host the USA Trade Tasting Conference in New York City on May 16-17, 2017.

USATT returns this year, promising to be bigger, bolder and better. Poised to be a one-of-a-kind show on the East Coast, it pulls in exhibitors from over 20 countries making it an attractive show to be explored by restaurateurs and sommeliers alike. The show will take place on May 16 & 17 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

Malvika Patel, event organizer of USATT Trade Tasting mentions that there are 3 new concepts being introduced this year that are sure to wow buyers.

 1. #ShowDeals

USATT Show Deals are the two-day only discounts offered by exhibitors for buyers attending the show. These are buying opportunities for restaurateurs and sommeliers to get real savings with specials and deals offered only at USATT 2017.

2. Unique & Innovative Products:

USA Trade Tasting will feature Unique and Innovative Products (UIP) from all over the world to restaurateurs and sommeliers at the 2017 show. “The idea is to make New York the first test market around the globe for new concepts and ideas related to branded alcoholic products. Suppliers can get key buyer feedback and plan their go to market strategy based on the feedback and initial buyer interest. Buyers will get a chance to look at unique and innovative brands and concepts from all over the world in one dedicated area at the show. Buyers will be able to add unique brands to their portfolios and offer

their customers something fresh and new”, Sid Patel,CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network and USA Trade Tasting.

3. Office Hours:

USATT’s Office Hours sessions give you a chance to talk one-on-one with speakers and mentors. These are real business owners with years of experience in running an operation successfully. Retailers and sommeliers can pose questions about the challenges they face in running their enterprise and how to overcome these.

4. Sommelier Direct

iSanté magazine and USA Trade Tasting have partnered to provide restaurateurs with an innovative sales solution that gives direct access to wine brand owners.

Leveraging the strengths of the USATT Direct platform and the influence of iSante Magazine’s network, on-premise markets will be able to access a wide range of brand owners from around the world like never before.

“The market has always needed a program like this in place,” said USA Trade Tasting President, Sid Patel. “Building relationships across multiple tiers has been something of a nightmare for international suppliers and one of the biggest problems for wine brand owners is generating trade interest on the ground. Both USATT and iSanté have been working tirelessly to connect the global retail trade, and we believe our partnership is a big step forward. For restaurant owners to finally be able to seamlessly source new products directly from the supplier is huge.”

For restaurant owners and sommeliers, the partnership will allow them to change the way they look at sourcing new brands. Because the USATT direct program is structured in such a way that allows them to work with any international brand, it will also give them a much needed increase in variety to consider.

It doesn’t end there. There are many more reasons for you to attend USA Trade Tasting this year.

The USATT Conference has topics designed specifically to cater to restaurateurs’ and sommeliers’ interests.

In the presentation ‘The New Brand / Craft Phenomenon: An Even Better Future’ by John Beaudette, President and CEO of MHW, Ltd he will talk about the how the new age of the beverage industry affects you. He will focus on how brands and craft beverages are changing the market and can help restaurateurs and sommeliers grow their bottom line.

How to Win Retailers and Influence Them with Effective Merchandising and Programming by Richard Halstead, Chief Operating Officer, Wine Intelligence is about the merchandising programs that work and work well for retailers, restaurateurs and sommeliers.

Restaurateurs and sommeliers will get the unique opportunity to network, connect and exchange ideas with thousands of beverage professionals in one location.

So don’t wait any longer. Take your networking to the next level at USA Trade Tasting:

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Event Producer: Beverage Trade Network

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