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Refreshing wines from Slovenia

The Puklavec family’s love for wine can be tracked back to 1934 in Slovenia. Martin Puklavec had a vision: to make the finest wines together. This philosophy continues to resonate through the family’s wine making today. Puklavec Family Wines are driven by the core values of passion, hard work and dedication to quality. Vladimir Puklavec and his two daughters, Tatjana and Kristina all work together, alongside the other winegrowers, with the determination to continue the pursuit of their (grand)father’s vision.


Puklavec Family Wines are produced in the heart of Ljutomer-Ormož, a wine area in the Podravje region, in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia. This area provides the perfect microclimate conditions for grape growing. The results are elegant wines, crafted with an uncompromising and passionate attention to detail, beautifully balanced and as expressive as the landscape of their vineyards.

Puklavec Family Wines Grape Varieties

The Podravje region is often referred to as ‘the Tuscany of the East’. Known for its characteristically cool climate and mineral-rich soil the Ljutomer-Ormož region is best suited to producing fresh and fruity white wines. They offer over eleven grape varieties, including Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Welschriesling, Traminer, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Muscato and the pride of the region, the local grape Šipon (Furmint) which are used to produce different types of still and sparkling wines. In order to produce full-bodied red wine, they found the perfect spot in the sunny hills of Negotino in Macedonia. Here they grow Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the local grape Vranec.


Quality over quantity

The vines are grown over a total area of 1.100 hectares of vineyard, 650 of which are owned by p&f wineries. Average harvest per vine is 2 kg. Their vineyards are spread out across terraced hillsides in the region at altitudes ranging from 200-300 metres and here they still pick every grape by hand. This is just part of the process in ensuring the highest quality for their wines. Many award-winning wines make them a serious player in the Slovenian market as well as in global export markets.

Puklavec Family Wines Brands

Puklavec_family_winePuklavec & friends

Their puklavec & friends wines are best described as fresh, fruity and accessible to all. Drinking puklavec & friends is all about enjoying the good life together, celebrating friendship and fitting for any occasion. These wines have been awarded “Supermarket Wine of the Year” twice in the last few years in The Netherlands. They are really proud of this achievement, especially in such a highly competitive market! A bottle of puklavec & friends is always on the shopping list whilst doing the daily groceries in the supermarket.




Puklavec_family_wineJeruzalem Ormož

Their Jeruzalem Ormož wines are fresh, fruity and zingy. The grapes are from the vineyards in the Ljutomer-Ormož region where they pick the best grapes by hand. Their wines are for those who are open to inspiration, love to relax and enjoy a glass of good wine with friends or family. With production in excess of 5 million bottles per annum Puklavec Family Wines has the capacity to meet all demands. They ensure consistent high quality with all their wines throughout the wine making process. As a top shelf brand in Slovenia Jeruzalem Ormož is on the daily shopping list and also available in restaurants.



Puklavec_family_wineEstate Selection

The Puklavec Family puts oenology skills, craftsmanship and the winemaker’s passion all under the spotlight with the Estate Selection wines. Aged or young, oaked or inox, in their Estate Selection, you will discover and experience the sophistication of fine wine making. Premium wines that showcase remarkable quality and terroir; fresh and fruity with an underlying mineral character.






Seven Numbers

The Puklavec Family creates a most specific heritage and ultimate exclusivity with these wines. Geographic location is key. By marking their unique vineyards with seven numbers, they can trace every grape back to its location. Understanding specific terroir; microclimate and soil composition, demands dedication and knowledge. Their Seven Number wines prove this dedication can deliver spectacular results, enjoying a steadily growing reputation amongst wine connoisseurs.




People who share the same love, passion and craftsmanship

Puklavec Family Wines offers a wide range of wines in more than 20 markets for different channels.



Currently producing 6,5 million liters of wine, they are the largest exporter of wines in Slovenia. The wines have been flying all over the world with airlines, such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Air Adriatic and Virgin Atlantic. Within the retail sector their wines are well positioned in several major supermarket chains worldwide.

Puklavec Family Wines Awards


Over the years the wines of Puklavec Family Wines have received numerous awards. However, a general rule applies to their white wines: you are only as good as your last wine. It is best not to let it gather dust but should preferably be enjoyed before the award has been given.

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