Meet Hillersden – Family Wine Maker at USATT 2017

Hillersden is defined by one family and one winemaker who have taken up the task of crafting Marlborough’s only family owned single estate wine label from the Upper Wairau Valley on the edge of New Zealand’s favorite wine region.

They like to think that they keep close to home the traditional and rustic processes of winemaking, while taking an elevated, engineered approach to sustainability striving for the highest of environmental standards.


Crafting a Vine-to-Table wine starts with a real connection and love of the land, and what it has to offer.They love their wines and hope you will too.

They believe that creating a lasting legacy is defined by what we choose to do today that is going to make a difference in the lives of others for years to come, laying a foundation for Hillersden to be loved as the vine-to-table wine of tomorrow.

Their namesake Hillersden was once a settler’s township in the Upper Wairau Valley, and later one of the country’s largest sheep stations with a history extending back a century before Marlborough became synonymous with good wine. Hillersden was, until they moved in, but a faint memory of an industrious pre-war New Zealand, the town had dissipated, the signs were taken down, and Hillersdon greatness was forgotten.

The entire Hillersden team are committed to reviving Hillersden; to honoring its tradition and rich history by creating a fully sustainable Vineyard, and in doing so creating a new legacy and home for the modern wine lover.

It truly is a family project, with three sons each with a hand in the management, marketing, and the development of the Hillersden vineyard & farm. Even Jeremy, the oldest son and career veterinarian, will find time to be on Hillersden, getting up close and personal with the farm animals (and he can’t wait for the day his two young sons will join him in their new family tradition).

They work with nature and technology, a commitment that is the very backbone of our family, proudly represented on each label of lovingly crafted wine.



Hillersden may be considered one of the younger vineyards of the New World but is strategically positioned with some of the most mature vines of the Upper Wairau Valley, an area with largely untapped potential.They are part of a future where sustainability is a practice engineered to create just the right conditions for the vine to thrive so they might produce the best quality fruit for winemaking; encouraging the natural resilience and characteristics of a plant that has been the soul of winemaking and central to millennia of human culture.


Vines are planted over three terraces, each with its own unique soil structure and undulation telling the history of the Wairau riverbed as it shifted over centuries. Their alluvial soils vary anywhere from rich clay to free draining stony soils, this variation over our some 140h is where the magic happens in winemaking.

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