Hillersden is defined by one family and one winemaker who have taken up the task of crafting Marlborough’s only family owned single estate wine label from the Upper Wairau Valley on the edge of New Zealand’s favorite wine region.


They like to think they keep close to home the traditional and rustic processes of winemaking, while taking an elevated, engineered approach to sustainability striving for the highest of environmental standards.

They believe that creating a lasting legacy is defined by what they choose to do today that is going to make a difference in the lives of others for years to come, laying a foundation for Hillersden to be loved as the vine-to-table wine of tomorrow.


Brothers, Caleb & Matthew Forlong, on the Hillersden Vineyard. As the vines mature, the next generation of leaders in the Wine industry grow with them.

Their namesake Hillersden was once a settler’s township in the Upper Wairau Valley, and later one of the country’s largest sheep stations with a history extending back a century before Marlborough became synonymous with good wine. Hillersden was, until they moved in, but a faint memory of an industrious pre-war New Zealand, the town had dissipated, the signs were taken down, and Hillersden’s greatness was forgotten.

The entire Hillersden team is committed to reviving Hillersden; to honoring its tradition and rich history by creating a fully sustainable Vineyard, and in doing so creating a new legacy and home for the modern wine lover.



Hillersden Vineyard, est. 2008, has joined the wine world at a time where the boundaries of modern agriculture are constantly being pushed as worldwide consumers demand higher volumes from New Zealand wine growers. Hillersden, born in this era of volume wine sales, is choosing to find its own voice in the conversation pioneering the first family single estate wines from the Upper Wairau Valley, a young sub-appellation on the edge of the Marlborough region.

Hillersden may be considered one of the younger vineyards of the New World but is strategically positioned with some of the most mature vines of the Upper Wairau Valley, an area with largely untapped potential. They are part of a future where sustainability is a practice engineered to create just the right conditions for the vine to thrive so they might produce the best quality fruit for wine making; encouraging the natural resilience and characteristics of a plant that has been the soul of wine making and central to millennia of human culture.

About Adam Kubrock, Winemaker

Passion for wine ticked all his boxes and spread like wildfire in him.  He loves microbiology and seeing the magic that happens when you zoom in on life.  He loves watching things grow using sunlight, water and some dirt.  He loves great food and music and enjoying both with great people.  And He loves hard, physical work. Wine delivers it all for me.

He started his journey making premium, single vineyard Syrah and red wines in Walla Walla. He worked for Gramercy Cellars for a couple of years before looking overseas to increase his experience.  He found the cool climate winegrowing of Marlborough very attractive and landed here.  He planned on being here for 5 weeks or so but the New Zealand gravity sucked him in.  He spent the better part of the past 6 years at Indevin, New Zealand Wineries and Mahi learning the heart and soul of Marlborough wine.  When the opportunity came to join Hillersden he could not resist.  From the first trip up to the vineyards and to meet the people behind the project he knew he was in all the way.  The Hillersden team is simply wonderful and the site is just breathtaking. They are going to bring joy to the world with wines of quality and unique character and they are going to do it while being responsible caretakers of their environment.

HillersdenPinot Gris 2016

Hillersden Pinot Gris 2016. Unique Pinot Gris notes of poached pear, ripe cantaloupe, white peach and nectarine show a wine of true distinction and class. The light pink, orange hue is classic Pinot Gris – denoting the extra polyphenols present in the grape skins. This cooler microclimate lends rich flavors of lemon and ripe apple on the palate, and a round creamy pear finish with a hint . A truly sensational glass of wine.




HillersdenPinot Noir 2014

Pinot Noir 2014. This wine shows lifted aromas of fresh raspberry and dark plums with background notes of dried herb and savoury oak. Whilst initially quite playful on the nose, the wine settles into a complex array of dark berry and alluring florals. Soft and supple, this seductive Pinot Noir shows brightness and freshness on the palate, with lingering nuances of blueberry and mocha. Serve in a generous Pinot Noir glass for a sensational Pinot experience!



HillersdenRiesling 2015

Hillersden Riesling 2015. Bright, vibrant citrus notes burst onto the scene with delicate green apple undertones and just a hint of honeysuckle. The aromatics are precise, poised and ever so slightly flinty. A salute to the ancient glacial riverbeds these vines are farmed on. Juicy flavours of lem- on and lime dance across the palate with a classic Riesling zing to finish. Bursting with flavour and personality, this wine should be enjoyed chilled.




HillersdenSauvignon Blanc 2016

Hillersden 2016 Sauvignon Blanc. Bursting with intense aromas of lemon zest bell pepper and nettle, with lively stone fruit notes adding allure and complexity. This cooler microclimate delivers a wine with an elegant array of delicious flavour, a combination of jalapeño, zesty apple, and a crisp passionfruit finish. Whilst this exciting Sauvignon Blanc is deliciously drinkable on its own, they suggest that you explore the sensational pairing of Hillersden Sauvignon Blanc with fresh seafood and grilled spring vegetables.



HillersdenSparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Hillersden Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. NV. A beguiling combination of gooseberry, melon, tropical fruits and lime zest, along with an elegant seam of acidity, and a refreshing effervescence. This crisp, clean and undeniably vibrant sparkling wine elevates classic Marlborough Sauvignon to celebratory levels. A perfect partner to the freshest of seafood, particularly oysters. This wine is equally delicious on it’s own and imperative where there is cause to raise one’s glass.



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