Explore Amor de Agave: Premium Mezcal at USATT 2017

Amor de Agave is a collection of intense flavors which explodes into great moments. It was born into this world to change ordinary moments into amazing memories with yourself and with others, in harmony and happiness, full of love and well being.

Take a drink with Amor de Agave, share some moments with it, and let your heart talk honestly with yourself. Let Amor de Agave also join you when you are alone. In a smoothly and deeply way let it tells you what you really want, what you are looking for from the deepest part of your Being. Let it all out and flows lovingly from the inside to the outside. Do not judge, do not protest, do not defend yourself. Only listen and accept what it tells you. When your heart speaks, it is the best part of yourself that is speaking, it is your truly being who is communicating. Flow and be honest in order to feel that it is your heart which is really talking and, if it is, it will be for your best and for the best of the others that are sharing your life.

Amor de Agave

Crafted at a Palenque (place and equipment within the family facilities where the Agave is collected and processed to be finally packaged as mezcal).This Palenque is localized in Mazatlan city which is considered as the Mezcal capital of Oaxaca state. The production process is supervised and carried out by the third generation grower and distiller master. Amor de Agave is produced in small batches following traditional methods and the master grandmother’s recipe.

Once the plant has been harvested, it is stripped of its leaves, leaving it in the form of a pineapple, baked underground, over burning wood (mesquite & ocote, native woods of Oaxaca) for approximately four days.

The underground oven consists of a circular excavation forming a large coated stone bowl. Afterwards, the burned pineapple (mash) is crushed with a rolling stone mill pulled by a horse. The remaining crushed Agave is fermented during approximately eight days and distilled until it reaches, after a second distillation, slightly over forty degrees of alcohol.

Finally, the mezcal is aged in wooden barrels. The finished aroma is natural and robust, a combination of Agave, mesquite and ocote rich vegetal notes and a tinge of smoke that complement these flavors without overwhelming the balance. The unique, delicate and taste balance of Amor de Agave.

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