Bodegas Esteban Martin

Bodegas Esteban Martin are located at the foot of the Iberian Cordillera. In this area the climate is influenced by a cold, dry wind, called “Cierzo”. Winters are cold and summers are extremely hot, there is little rainfall and temperature fluctuations tend to be extreme, which is why, so the vines have a great personality and character.


Amid the vineyards of the family Esteban Martin the Tower rises and all the winery. An open and flexible to the desires of its customers, modern and technologically up to date winery, but caring, very professional and consistent manner, the quality above all.


The Vineyard

A large vineyard, more than 200 hectares where those varieties best suited to their terroir are cultivated. Of course Garnacha, but also Tempranillo , Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Macabeo. From the careful selection, which takes place in the harvest, arise wines Esteban Martin, young, Crianza and Reserva. In Esteban Martin they are convinced that the grapes need time and care to develop and displayed in all its glory. And they know that all actors influence the host: terroir, climate , minerals … all this translates into quality, personality and style.


Bodegas Esteban Martin Team

Bodegas Esteban Martin is very much a collaborative project and their three-generation family company includes many others – from cellar hands to grape pickers – each of whom play a vital role in the creation of their wines.

They are very lucky to be able to work with such a fabulous team who share and understand their vision and passion for the wines of Cariñena.


The careful selection of their Wines begins in the special care of the fruit. Esteban Martin wines are fresh and fruity with a good balance on the palate, smooth and silky tannins.

Wines with soul, that have enormous success in tastings and competitions around the world. Passion, terroir and personality clearly are reflected in each bottle.

A blend of modernity and know-how to reach their ultimate expression. The winery has recently been awarded the BRC Global Standard certificate and IFS.

bodegas_esteban_martinBarón de Funes reserva

Tasting Notes

Dark cherry red with a high robe and a slight organge tinge in the rim. Preserved aromas, toffee and fruits, such as blueberries, mix with chocolate and tobacco. Balanced on the palate, smoothness, rich and ripe with fine tannins that reminds them an optimum harvest and final notes of nuts. Aerate this wine up for 45 to 60 minutes and you get something else entirely.




bodegas_esteban_martinEsteban Martín joven

Tasting notes

Bright ruby red and intense nose of red fruits and flowers. Freshness on palate, nice sweet tanins. A very easy drinking wine.







bodegas_esteban_martinMarqués de Alfamén blanco

Tasting notes

Pale lemon, light aromas of flowers and tropical fruits. Refreshing and nice to celebrate a relaxing meal with friends.








Vinem rosado

Tasting Notes

Nice brighting pink color with a youthful nose of rose and strawberries. Refreshing in the palate, crisp and fruity nature.







bodegas_esteban_martinOh! Wine

Tasting notes

Pale straw-yello in colour, with a crystal clear. Beautiful floral notes on the nose, citrus and semi sweet palate. An ideal sparkling and refreshing wine.

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