The Benefits that Wine and Spirits Wholesalers bring to the System

1. Collect taxes, create jobs: wine and spirits wholesalers employ nearly 65,000 workers who collectively earn more than $5 billion in wages. Regulated beverage alcohol generates more than $55 billion in tax revenue each year.

2. Promote responsible access: wholesalers support comprehensive underage access and drunk driving policies— and offered model legislation for ignition interlocks adopted in the federal highway bill. Wholesalers work hand in hand with suppliers, retailers and government regulators to ensure product is sold in a transparent, accountable fashion.

3. Guaranteed product integrity and purity: wines and spirits bought from a licensed wholesaler are guaranteed to be authentic, not counterfeit or adulterated in any way—and product is tracked, traced and monitored at each step of the supply and logistics chain. In countries where wholesalers don’t play a role in the process, including in Europe and Asia, counterfeit products are common and the consequences can be lethal.

4. Brand builders and marketing experts: U.S. wholesalers are local and regional marketing experts who provide stores and restaurants with advertising material, marketing collateral, tasting notes and recipes, cocktail combinations and educational resources. Bars and restaurants rely on wholesalers to help design displays, menus and serve as local marketing professionals to promote products, brands and new offerings. Wholesalers master local markets so national suppliers do not have to.

5. Foster Competition in the market: by serving retailers of all sizes, wholesalers foster competition at the local level. This efficiency enables small restaurants and shops to compete with large national chains. Wholesalers also deliver to consumers, via retail outlets, the widest array of products available anywhere in the world.

6. Protecting and serving consumers: wholesalers literally travel the world to find new products for the American market. At the same time, they provide an orderly and well-regulated gateway for product to travel from supplier to consumer while ensuring product integrity.

7. Retail and logistics expertise: for many retailers, the wholesaler keeps track of inventory needs and uses advanced technology to provide just-in-time service so the small business is not required to house a large inventory. Wholesalers help retailers manage demand for seasonal events, major events, holidays and other special occasions to ensure product can seamlessly move to consumers.

Source for the above benefits: WSWA. Read more about the US Alcohol Beverage Distribution system on BTN Academy.

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