Australian Wine Exports Grow 10%

The Wine Australia Export Report June 2017, released on July 19, shows that Australian wine export value increased by $201 million (10%) in 2016–17 to $2.31 billion, and is underpinned by strong export growth to China and the United States of America (US).

Australia is the world’s fifth biggest exporter of wine – behind France, Italy, Spain, and Chile. In 2016–17, Australia outperformed each of the four larger exporters in its rate of export growth.

Wine Australia Chief Executive Officer Andreas Clark said, ‘Pleasingly, nearly all price points experienced growth and there were benefits for exporters in all segments of the market.

‘The strongest growth was in more premium wines, with all price segments of $10 per liter FOB and above experiencing growth, and the strongest rate of growth for wines $30–49.99 per liter FOB.

‘There were a record 1997 exporters last financial year and 69 per cent contributed to the total increase in value shown.

‘An interesting development from last year was the growth in the carbonated wine category, which includes varieties such as Moscato. Exports more than doubled to $30 million. The United States was the destination for 35 per cent of the carbonated wine exports, with mainland China (15 per cent) and Japan (14 per cent) the other major destinations’, he said.

Handpicked Wines Export Director James Hunt, said the company’s success in Asia came through hard work and ensuring brand equity across the region while also recognizing that each market and its culture was unique.

‘This is built on the back of tight brand guidelines, frequent market visits, engaged activity and communication with all levels of the distribution chain. In particular, the importers and distributors are educated to manage the message and value chain through to the consumers.

‘As the business grew we found the need to employ within the region to maintain the brand values and ensure the message was consistent across the region, particularly with local websites, trade material, and social media accounts’, Mr. Hunt said.

Figure 1: Exports of wine by price segment


Price segment (A$/litre FOB)

Value 2017

Added value

Growth rate

$2.49 and under








































$200.00 +








Exports by region

Australian wine exports to most regions recorded growth in 2016–17, except for those to Europe, which declined by 1 per cent to $568 million, and Oceania, which fell by 1 per cent to $87 million.

Exports to Northeast Asia continued to drive growth, with their value increasing by $178 million (29 per cent) to a record $797 million. Southeast Asia was the next biggest growing region with exports increasing by $20 million (14 per cent) to a record $162 million. Exports also grew to North America by $5 million (1 per cent) to $651 million, and the Middle East by $3 million (18 per cent) to a record $22 million.

Greater China

Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau) has been at the hub of the revival of Australian wine exports.

In 2016–17, exports to Greater China increased by 33 per cent to $721 million. The implementation of the China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) at the end of 2015 has provided impetus to an already strong market.

Hong Kong is a vital trading hub with important distribution links to mainland China. Some imported wines in Hong Kong are re-exported to other Asian destinations, with 95 per cent of re-exports going to mainland China and Macau. Hence, not all Australian wine exported to Hong Kong is consumed in the country. ChAFTA, which is reducing import tariffs for Australian wine into China over time, has meant that less wine destined for mainland China is routed through Hong Kong, which has contributed to a decline in exports to Hong Kong.

Figure 2 illustrates how this trend began when the Declaration of Intent was signed and has since continued.

Exports to Greater China, mainland China vs. Hong Kong

Mainland China’s position as the number one destination for Australian wine exports by value was consolidated in 2016–17. Exports grew by 44 per cent in value to $607 million.

Bulk wine exports more than doubled to $37 million but the bulk share of exports is low at 6 per cent. Bottled wine exports also grew strongly, up 41 per cent to $568 million, representing a 94 per cent share. Mainland China accounts for 40 per cent of all Australian wine exports priced at $10 per liter FOB or more.

By value, Australia holds a 24 per cent share of wine imported by mainland China, behind only France with a 41 per cent share. However, Australian wine exports are growing at much faster rates than most major competitors.

In 2016–17, the value of exports to Hong Kong declined by 8 per cent to $114 million and volume declined by 15 per cent to 8 million liters, but the average value of exports to Hong Kong increased by 8 per cent to $13.88 per liter FOB. Hong Kong has the highest average value among the top 50 destinations to which Australia exports and 77 per cent of exports to Hong Kong are valued at $10 or more per liter FOB.

Australian wine will take center stage at Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 as the Country of Honour. Vinexpo Hong Kong is the key trade-only wine and spirits exhibition in the Asia Pacific region. The invite-only event attracts top decision making importers, buyers, and sommeliers, and provides a forum for education and trade networking.

United States of America (US)

In 2016–17, exports to the US increased by 3 per cent to $464 million – the highest value since 2011–12. The overall increase in value was driven by white wine exports, up 3 per cent to $181 million, and carbonated wine (mainly Moscato) increasing 10-fold to $11 million in value.

The US is the largest destination for Australian Pinot Grigio exports, accounting for over three-quarters of the category’s exports. Pinot Grigio exports grew by 16 per cent to $24 million last year.

The positive trend towards Australian premium wines in the United States continued. Exports at $10 per liter FOB or more increased by 21 per cent to $43 million.

United Kingdom (UK)

The UK remains the number one destination for Australian exports by volume; more Australian wine is shipped to the UK than any other market.

Overall, the total value of exports to the UK declined by 7 per cent to $341 million. However, there was very strong growth in exports at the high-end of price points, exports at $10 per liter FOB or more grew by 13 per cent to $28 million.

Elliot Awin from wine importer Awin Barratt Siegel Wine Agencies said ‘Our focus is supporting the independent trade, where we see a real resurgence in interest for Australia across the pricing spectrum. Independent merchants are rotating ranges regularly with an eye to the new, modern Australia, preferring wines with a real story or point of difference; many will preference purchasing from winemakers with whom they’ve met. Whether it be small batch single vineyard wines, traditional method sparkling wines or “alternative varietals” from small producers, there is a growing thirst for these products. Winemakers pushing the boundaries away from tradition have also seen success.’

Australia’s top five export markets accounted for 74 per cent of the value of Australian exports

  • Mainland China – $607 million ?44%
  • US – $464 million ?3%
  • UK – $341 million ?7%
  • Canada ­– $186 million ?5%
  • Hong Kong ­– $114 million ?8%.

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Musgrave Crafted Spirits

About Musgrave Crafted Spirits

Maurice Boon Musgrave, the grandfather of founder Simone Musgrave, left Plymouth in 1949 bound for Africa to start a new life exploring and discovering the people and land of Africa. Three months on a ship with a small baby, a measles outbreak and many a day of seasickness and the adventure that would change the shape of his family had begun. From then onward, an African family would take on the adventure Maurice had started. The spirit of endeavor, adventure and courage live on in granddaughter, Simone, guardian of Maurice’s passion for the unusual.

Musgrave Gin is no ordinary spirit – it is an artisan gin celebrated for its top notes of Cardamom, African Ginger and Grains of Paradise.

Musgrave Gin’s Team

The founder and creative driving force behind Musgrave Gin, Simone Musgrave, has found expression of the plentiful delights of a bygone era in her favourite flower – the rose. The delightful salmon-tinted Musgrave Pink Gin is a doffing of the pith helmet to those days gone by and it celebrates the inspirational flower as a classic symbol of this age. Beautifully presented and expertly crafted, it almost seems a shame to have to drink this gin –but a shame it certainly is not.

After toiling away in the bustle of the City of London for nearly 15 years, ex-lawyers Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk abandoned the rat race to follow the sun. The couple eventually found their way back home, to South Africa – after falling in love with craft gin in the Mediterranean – and refurbished a rundown warehouse in the heart of industrial Salt River, creating the Mother City’s first distillery. It is in this small urban haven that the two of them work (and live), dedicating their lives to the age old process of batch distillation with their two faithful stills – Mildred and Maude – the first stills to be licensed in the City of Cape Town.  Mildred and Maude are gleaming stainless steel, very much in keeping with the industrial heartland of Salt River, and a breakaway from the traditional copper pot stills used by other distillers in South Africa.

Lucy and Leigh collaborated with esteemed South African craft distiller, Roger Jorgensen, to formulate Musgrave Gin, based on botanicals chosen by Musgrave Gin founder, Simone Musgrave. Juniper and coriander are steeped in neutral spirit, which is then finely distilled in Mildred, with a basket containing the rest of the botanicals sitting in the path of the vapour and delicately infused into the spirit.

Brands of Musgrave Gin

Musgrave original crafted Gin has 11 botanicals andis born out of the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route.  Musgrave 11 Premium is no ordinary gin and its top notes of aromatic Cardamom, African Ginger (Whitei Mondei) and Grains of Paradise are reminiscent of the perfume of spice markets.  Musgrave Gin top notes are all linked by the family of Africa or a family of flavours as is the Musgrave history.


Musgrave Pink Gin has all of the spice and flavour of Musgrave 11 but is toned down to be gentler and less spicy and to bring out the floral of the rosehips and the infused rosewater.

From a bygone era to today, the rose is symbol of love and passion. Rose-scented oils still grace festive occassions, and exotic rosewater exalts our food and beauty regimes. Musgrave pink celebrates the flower of love and beauty with the source of the rose, rosehip, which complement Musgrave’s spicy nature.  It is then infused with rose water for its timeless perfume and romance.

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Don Tony Perez Corp

About Don Tony Perez Corp:

Don Tony Perez Wines is proud to introduce our fine wine to the world. Imported from Chile and Italy. They carry a great selection of Reserva, Gran Reserva, and Sparkling wine.Their quality wine is delicately formulated with key elements in nature that are carefully measured to produce a superb quality of the wine. Among these elements are the climate and soil. The valley where Bodegas Perez and Don Tony Perez wines reside is in Chile. Their wines have developed their own unique style. They are focused on delicious fruit flavor and elegance. Enjoy the lavish taste of Don Tony Perez Wines Chilean Collections.

 Don Tony Perez Corp Brands:

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


First and foremost, this is an earth-driven, very mineral wine. Mushrooms and potting soil are quite apparent on the nose but fade to the background across the palate. Leather, berries, and cinnamon came to life once tasted, along with wet wood and dark chocolate (indicating mature barrels were used in production). Tremendously approachable for such a young Cabernet.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a versatile red wine that pairs well with most red wine friendly dishes, as good as pasta and burgers as it is with beef Wellington.

Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


This wine is extremely fruit forward, conceivably due to the young age. The nose is bursting with boysenberries, blackberries, and cherries. Some secondary aromas exist and include fresh ground pepper and red roses. This wine is very interesting and I’d like to see how it develops over the next few years. Still young and very powerful, I would pair with a steak or grilled sausages.

This Cabernet Pairs well with a wide variety of foods without overpowering them; try braised short-ribs, stuffed peppers, pork tenderloin, and even dark chocolate.

Gran Reserva Syrah 2014


This is a stunning expression of the Syrah grape and fully came to life after decanting. The nose consists of licorice and stewed fruits like blackberry jam, cranberry sauce, and orange marmalade. Very complex, as the palate is quite different than the nose. Secondary flavors of red pepper flakes, pine needles, chocolate and candied currants exist across the palate and throughout the finish. While a full bodied wine, the tannins are smooth and do not overwhelm. Exceptional and multifaceted!


Meats such as top Sirloin, Ribeye Steaks, Bratwurst and Barbecue pork all are great pairings with Syrah. Grilling these meats may also help to match the intensity of a bold Syrah.

Gran Reserva Petit Verdot 2011

Don Tony Perez CorpDescription:

Petit Verdot is a hardy grape with a lot of tannins. That makes Petit Verdot in wine and food pairings a natural fit for rich, meat dishes, grilled steak, spicy pork, veal, lamb, all types of game and sausage. Spicy foods pair well with Petit Verdot and it’s perfect for a myriad of different hard and semi soft cheeses.


Petit Verdot is a hardy grape with a lot of tannins. That makes Petit Verdot in wine and food pairings a natural fit for rich, meat dishes, grilled steak, spicy pork, veal, lamb, all types of game and sausage. Spicy foods pair well with Petit Verdot and it’s perfect for a myriad of different hard and semi soft cheeses.

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Don Tony Perez Corp

Glenlofty Wines Pty Ltd

About Glenlofty Wines Pty Ltd:

Glenlofty single-vineyard wines all express the soul of Victoria’s cool-climate Pyrenees foothills terroir, more often compared with France’s northern Rhone than with Australia’s warmer Barossa or Hunter Valleys. Only since 2013 has Glenlofty’s premium fruit, crafted with premium French oak, been bottled under its own label. So the Glenlofty brand is decidedly a dark horse, winning friends and gold medals right and left.

Glen Lofty’s vineyards have been carefully nurtured since 1995 in the cool-climate foothills of Victoria’s Pyrenees. Formerly blended into premium wines produced by Penfolds, Seppelts, Rosemount and Brown Bros, Glen Lofty’s remarkable fruit has been bottled under its own Glenlofty Wines label only since 2013, with the difficult 2011 year being its first own vintage.

Early industry applause has been rapid – from industry peers in the Pyrenees and further afield, from the Barossa, McLaren Vale, Heathcote, Yarra Valley and the Hunter. Not because Glen Lofty’s wines are similar to these well-known appellations – they’re clearly different. But because top Australian winemakers and vignerons know a super-premium cool-climate wine when it sings from their glass.

Judges in blind tastings from Melbourne to Hong Kong to London agree. The first Glenlofty release has garlanded itself with gold medals from all these. Eight gold medals so far, seven silver medals and nine bronzes. One prominent wine judge says (off the record, of course) that the Glenlofty 2011 Single-Vineyard Shiraz is clearly the outstanding Victorian Shiraz of that vintage.

Glenlofty vineyard has made contributions over the years to many trophy-winning wines, including the famous Penfolds Yattarna Chardonnay, Seppelts Shiraz and the celebrated Marsanne Roussanne blends of the early 2000’s. GlenLofty’s Decameron vineyard, 5 km south of Glenlofty, was planted in 1996, with most of its harvests channeled into Brown Bros ultra-premium wines, like their famous Patricia Shiraz.

Glenlofty Vineyards:

Victoria’s Pyrenees form a special appellation in the foothills of Australia’s great Dividing Range. An increasingly well-known cool-climate range of vineyards poised between the old gold-mining towns of Avoca and Elmhurst.

In 1836, European exploration started to map the advantages of the Pyrenees region of western Victoria, and viticulture was introduced soon after. By 1890, there were vineyards at Avoca, Landsborough, Moonambel, and Amphitheatre but these were all wiped out by the looming phylloxera plague, and not replanted for half a century.

In 1963, planting recommenced with a joint venture between the Australian Nathan & Wyeth group and the French Remy Martin. With many years of premium wines, still and sparkling, to its credit, this venture has now matured into the well-known Blue Pyrenees. Many other well-known wineries have followed, including France’s Goelet family with Taltarni, the Jones family at Dalwhinnie, the Barrys at Mount Avoca, the Bazzanis at Warrenmang, the Robbs at Sally’s Paddock and the family Summerfield. Glenlofty was established in 1995 (moving from corporate to family ownership in 2010) and has been recently followed (next door to Glenlofty) at its Domaine Tournon by renowned Rhone market leader Maison M. Chapoutier.

Reportedly, Michel Chapoutier exclaimed “Greatness is possible” when he analyzed the terroirs of the Pyrenees. Glenlofty shares this view and is totally committed to it as a team.

Pyrenees premium red wine reputations have been won across the world, and not only with Shiraz, where the Pyrenees duality of richness and elegance wins frequent comparisons with the outstanding wines of the northern Rhone, like Chapoutier’s famous Hermitages and even the fabled Cote-Rotie. Pyrenees Shiraz is very different from Barossa and even Heathcote wines.

Geology and soils:

The ancient soils of the Victorian Pyrenees were formed during the Palaeozoic period – between 245 and 544 million years ago. After the “Cambrian explosion” of invertebrates, vertebrates, bony fish and plants to the sudden disappearance of 90% of all living species, and after 400 million years of slow geological decay, Glen Lofty’s soils are predominantly formed from none granitic rocks and sediments, ranging from ancient river beds of loose fluvial gravel or sand and silt to hills of red textured soils of sandstone and siltstone.


Victoria’s Pyrenees enables cool-climate winemaking because its inland location leads to low midsummer relative humidity and large daily temperature ranges in Spring and early Summer.

GlenLofty’s vineyards show a range of microclimates, which mitigate against the risk of frost and allow extended ripening hours before vintage.

GlenLofty Brands:

Glenlofty Single-Vineyard Pyrenees 2011 Shiraz Viognier. RRP $28

Colour: bright ruby red. Nose: fragrant black pepper and black truffle aromatics. Palate: rich dark fruits, medium body, bright, peppery long-finishing minerality. 14.0% ABV

Glenlofty Single-Vineyard Pyrenees 2011 Nebbiolo. RRP $28

Colour: old-brick red with characteristic Nebbiolo orange hues. Nose: flowers, red cherries and chocolate with toffee notes. Palate: succulent, medium body, savoury flavors, and smooth tannins. 14.4% ABV.

Glenlofty Single-Vineyard Pyrenees 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon. RRP $26

Colour: deep ruby red. Nose: cassis, black olive, hints of fresh herbs. Palate: blackcurrant fruit, fine-grain tannins, a wine of structure and length. 13.8% ABV

Glenlofty Single-Vineyard Pyrenees 2012 Roussanne Marsanne. RRP $28

19% Roussanne, 21% Marsanne – the reverse of the usual balance, simply reflecting 2012 fruit qualities. Colour: straw yellow, slight hints of green. Nose: fresh pear and rich exotic spices. Palate: fresh pear, guava, and honeysuckle, good structure, faint minerality. 14.0% ABV

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Glenlofty Wines



Spirits Consulting Group

Spirits Consulting Group offers a unique integration of sales and marketing services for spirits, wine and beer brands in any stage of development and growth.

Spirits Consulting Group is a turn-key one stop shop for brand building, encompassing product & brand development, market entry preparation, sales & marketing strategies for growth, as well as sales and marketing management, budgeting and financial services. They will help you with every aspect needed to successfully launch and grow a spirits company.


SCG Will Help You Build Your Spirits Beverage Brand

SCG provides strategic consulting and executive management services for companies and brands within the beer, wine and spirits industries.

Become a Success Story with SCG

SCG builds successful brands and companies. They manage each phase of the product development process to ensure that goals are met on time and on a budget.

From Concept to Store Shelf, They Help Your Brand Succeed

SCG incorporates sales and market considerations into each phase of the process so there are no disconnects that cost sales, time and money.

Spirits Consulting Group

Spirits Consulting Group Team:

They provide strategic consulting to the wine & spirits industry

Spirits Consulting Group’s team has experience with craft spirits, small startups, big brands, and everything in between – they will help take your brand through all the phases of development, launch, growth, and expansion.  SCG has an integrated service model that allows you to maximize your resources while having access to specialized industry knowledge and skills. They create custom projects allowing you to concentrate on your key competencies while reducing your operational costs by providing you with only the services that your business needs and with the flexibility to add needed skills as you grow.

Spirit_Consulting_GroupSusan Mooney – Founder and CEO

Susan has more than twenty years experience in luxury consumer goods, product ideation, and development in the wine & spirits industries. She has played a vital role in the strategy, launch, and success of new brands, including several start-ups that went on to lucrative exits. In addition to her time spent in global executive positions in Brazil, Europe, and China, ms. Mooney has proven herself by successfully growing profitable companies, spearheading innovation and launching distinctive products. As a recognized expert in the spirits industry, Mooney regularly publishes industry related articles and has been a featured speaker at numerous wine & spirits events and conferences.

Spirit_Consulting_GroupShu de Jong – VP of Brand and Market Seeding

Shu began working in the spirits industry as a liaison to brands and celebrities for key nightlife groups and hospitality powerhouses. He created panache imports in 2002 and was part of the original team to bring 42 below vodka to u.s. market. Comfortable and connected in any market, he successfully built the brand’s image, identity, and national sales before selling the brand rights to Bacardi USA. He then created and sold other innovative brands such as Wódka vodka and alibi American whiskey. After these successes, shu created midnight solutions – a consulting and advisory firm specializing in helping emerging brands prepare for and overcome the challenges to creating brand growth and sales success. Shu joined Spirits Consulting Group as a partner and managing director in 2016 where he utilizes his knowledge of the market to helping brand owners effectively execute programs, grow their sales and build iconic brands.

Spirit_Consulting_GroupMatthew Baris – VP of Strategy and Brand Innovation

Matthew joined Spirits Consulting Group to head up the product strategy and brand innovation practice. Formerly founder and owner of altitude spirits, Matthew was at the forefront of the craft spirits movement. He has overseen the creation and development of liquor brands from concept to shelf, including production, brand development, and marketing and sales strategies.  At altitude spirits, he created both his own products while simultaneously developing executable strategies for international suppliers entering u.s. market. He is a creative innovator and manager with expertise as an entrepreneur has been at the helm of an independent distilled spirits company. He has conceptualized and implemented the sales and marketing strategies for many international brands entering the competitive us market.  He is experienced in managing sales through the three-tier system and is an expert in navigating u.s spirits market with new brands.  Key competencies include product development, inventory management, supply chain management, production oversight, marketing & branding, maximizing operational efficiency, importing, sales chain management, team planning & development. Matthew received his MBA from Duke university’s Fuqua school of business.

 SCG Services

Spirits Consulting Group

Based on a needs assessment, Spirits Consulting Group will develop a custom scope of work tailored to your brand’s necessities, budget, and goals. They offer turnkey solutions and are experienced partners in the process providing executive management and professional project management to deliver measurable results. There is no longer a need to pay for and spend your valuable time managing one company for PR, one for marketing, one for financial planning, one for design, one for sales, one for activations and tastings and one for business consulting. SCG can do it all saving you time and money. They pride their selves on creating strong, profitable businesses with and for their clients.

Product & Brand Development Services

Market ResearchCompetitive AnalysisBrand Development & Strategy

Corporate Identity

Package & Label Design

Professional tastings & notes

Consumer & trade focus groups

Wet and Dry goods sourcing


Market Entry Strategy & Financial Planning Services

Market launch plan and budget

Price Strategy & COGs Targets

Route to market strategy (Importer, distributor)

Distributor presentation materials & preparation

Financial Models


Market Launch Services

Launch plan

POS requirements, budget & production

Merchandising requirements, budget & production

Press strategy and material creation

Social media strategy & management

Strategic partnership & event planning

Key accounts planning

Cocktail Programs


Management, Sales & Operations Services

Sales representation in major U.S. Markets

Brand representation & management

Key account management

Distributor management

Market Expansion

Social Media Strategies & management

Tasting & Promotion management

Financial, Accounting, and Sales Tracking Services

Controller, Accounting Manager Services

Bookkeeping, General Accounting Services

Financial Planning, Analysis, Advisory

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