Chateau Les Remparts

This is the ancient watchtower of Les Remparts Estate; home of unique wines from a unique winery in Aquitaine.

Today, as it has been for centuries, this tower stands proudly on the label of all the wines made here.

The watchtower stands as a reminder to every owner of the Chateau, from generation to generation, that they are present guardians of an ongoing tradition of excellence.



Clos dady draw on rich and diverse resources when creating their wines.  Their vineyards are scattered on various soils and enjoy different microclimates, producing a rich variety of grapes used for the final blend.

For example, Les Remparts vineyard, at the heart of their Estate, is situated on a lime rock foundation on the banks of the Ciron River. The resulting harvest consistently produces unique aromas of strongly botrytized grapes with distinct mineralisation.  Grapes from their highest Candalle vineyard in front of Chateau d’Yquem produce elegant and subtle juice.  While grapes from their old vines besides Chateau de Malle, enrich the blend with incredibly spicy tones.

This is the basis for creating complex and well-balanced wines.



It is precisely here, on this blessed land, where a particular natural phenomenon occurs, producing the Sauternes’ miracle.

In autumn, fog descends every morning as the grapes ripen and they are then warmed by the Eastern winds. The result is the famous noble rot (or botrytis) which shrivels the grapes and concentrates the flavour.

The taste that results is unmistakable, ranging from candied fruit to gingerbread, citrus zest to pine tar, caramel to exotic spices and fleur d’orange to French toast.

Here they produce their flagship wine, the Clos Dady Sauternes.

Occasionally, when nature is very generous, they sort out a single batch of extraordinary quality Sauternes, which is called Clos Les Remparts.



The Graves Appellation is unique too.  The combination of fine gravels, red clay and limestone gives the grapes unparalleled complexity.

This is perhaps why wines from this appellation have been so popular all over Europe since the Middle Ages. In fact, in the 12th century, Graves was the main supplier of wine to England, under the patronage of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

The unique soil of the region allows us to produce wines of incredible complexity, with characteristic soft and expressive tannins, which are so valued among Bordeaux winemakers.

They make here their red Clos Les Remparts, which is based on a Bordeaux blend with the prevailing Merlot.

They are particularly fond of our dry white Clos les Remparts, which is based on 100% Semillon grapes sourced from old vines of “Jean Dubois” single vineyard.



Clos Dady 2012

Clos Dady 2011








Red Graves

Clos Les Remparts 2012

Clos Les Remparts 2011







White Graves

 Clos Les Remparts “Jean Dubos” single vineyard 2012

 Clos Les Remparts “Jean Dubos” single vineyard 2011





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Asconi Winery

The Winery was founded in 1994 and to this day remains a family business. Asconi Winery’s aim is to make the best possible wine they can, using the best available technology, while maintaining the traditions of their people. They also want to share everything they have accomplished with their visitors, local or foreign!


Wineyards Asconi

Any wine starts with the grapes and having a vineyard is required for any winery. That is why Asconi Winery has planted over 500 hectares (1230 acres) over the course of 10 years. All of their vineyards are located in the vicinity of the Geamana village, in the county of Anenii Noi, at a distance of approximately 10 kilometers from the winery.



Asconi Winery has planted different varietals over the years, but recently the focus has been on local varietals. The foundation of their wines is built on French varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscat. But they have also planted other varietals such as Riesling, Malbec, Pinot Noir and of course the two local varietals of Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Neagra.


Wines Asconi

They make a wide variety of wines ranging from dry reds, whites and roses to dessert Ice Wines and fortified wines. Their red wines are full bodied and aged in 225 liter oak barrels or on oak staves. They use mostly American, Hungarian and to a lesser extent French oak. Their white wines are usually in the fresh and aromatic style with the exception of some of their Chardonnays and Rieslings which are fermented or aged in oak barrels as well.



You can visit their winery and take part in a wide range of activities. They organize tours of the winery where you can see the whole process of winemaking. You can see how the harvested grapes are pressed, how the juice is fermented and transformed into wines, how the wines evolve after fermentation either by aging in oak barrels and/or in the bottle. 


Wine Tasting

After the tour you can participate in a guided tasting of their wines which can be tailored to your tastes. The tasting is usually conducted by one of their winemakers and they can tell you exactly what the style and method of winemaking of each wine is. Reservations are required for both tours and tastings.

Tour and tasting hours – 11:00 till 17:00 daily.



In addition to tours and tastings, they invite all the guests to have a relaxing lunch or dinner at their traditional restaurant which serves traditional Moldovan and Romanian dishes. There are outdoor terraces for when the weather is pleasant and warm, or you can choose to stay in the stone and clay built restaurant and enjoy the authentic décor.



You can also organize different events such as trainings, birthday parties, company parties, small weddings and other events. They have a few different rooms of various sizes for you to choose from.

Asconi Winery Video:

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Glass Revolution Imports

Glass Revolution Imports import tasty, affordable wines and wickedly cool spirits into Western Canada and USA.



Glass Revolution Imports represent some amazing Distilleries. Their job is to find small, craft, artisan or independent distilleries and brands.

Spirits USA

Amrut Portonova



Cask Innovation (Premium) – Malt Maniacs Awards 2011

Tasting Notes:

NOSE: A Thick pudding of a nose; fruit and caramel have merged into one slightly over-oaked soup; burnt apple pie.

PALATE: This is essentially a port pipe sandwich…. and it shows. The spicy, jammy fruit is interwoven through any amount of caramel while the oaky saltiness gets the taste buds both salivating and puckering until you run dry.

FINISH: Long, massive oak with quite evident traces of the virgin barrels now detectable. And more of a cocoa hue as it progresses. At last some muscovado sugars arrive to supplant the berry fruits.


Amrut Distillery is family owned and operated, located in Banglore, India, where it has operated since 1948.

Amrut buys bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace and Jack Daniels.


Amrut Website

Spirits Canada


95 points – The Tasting Panel Magazine 2012

A+ rating Chairman’s Trophy – Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2012

Triple Gold Medal – 2011 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards

Tasting Notes


NOSE: Rich, luxe aroma.

PALATE: Light and smooth on the palate. Look for notes of sweet, creamy caramel and dried fruit enlivened by a signature rye bite.

FINISH: Sweet delicate finish with just a sprinkling of ginger and cinnamon.

COMMENTS: Gambler, buffalo hunter, army scout, gunfighter and newspaperman, William “Bat” Masterson did it all and did it well. And what better way to honor such a rarefied man than with a truly exceptional whiskey. Crafted by artisans, distilled in a pot still and aged in white-oak casks for just over 10 years, it’s the kind of drink that Bat would’ve surely raved about.


Masterson’s is a 100% rye whiskey that far exceeds industry standards for rye whiskey. Their artisans incorporate only the most fragrant and plump grains of rye and pure glacial water from the northern Rockies into a meticulous distillation process that utilizes an old-fashioned pot still. 45% abv.


Masterson’s 10 years old Straight Rye Whiskey


Wines that are unique, well balanced to pair with food and lovingly selected by us.

Wines Canada




Gold Medal – Concours Mondial de Bruxelles – Bruxelles – El Delirio Reserva Chardonnay Viognier 2013

Tasting Notes

COLOUR: Medium-pale yellow with yellow highlights.

NOSE: The attractive nose recalls white tree fruits such as apricot, peach, and pear, joined by notes of grapefruit and tangerine, delicately balanced with toast and vanilla.

PALATE/FINISH: Soft and attractive, with broad balance on the mid-palate, delicate top notes, and a characteristic slight bitterness on the medium finish.

COMMENTS: This is an uncomplicated wine for everyday enjoyment. It brings together the respective charms of Chardonnay and Viognier: the first provides voluptuousness in the mouth and the second, the intensity of flavours. The result is a captivating and original blend with solid fruit expression and a soft, but full mouthfeel.

Pairs well with appetizers, mixed salads, pizza, quiche, and white meats served cold. It also shows well with seafood dishes in a variety of savoury sauces. Enjoy cold (61ºF or 16ºC) within two years of bottling.


Botalcura Winery was formed thanks to the passion of two men, Chilean businessman and wine lover, Juan Fernando Waidele and French winemaker, Philippe Debrus.

Botalcura is a small village in southern Chile, 3 hours south of Santiago and half an hour northeast of the city of Talca. The Coastal Range forms Maule Valley, from which Botalcura is set among rolling hills and surrounded by nature, it is also home to the elusive quail. A simple town formed by scarcely more than a row of houses along one side of a dirt road; inhabited by kind and extraordinary people, who inspires them and fills them with enthusiasm for sharing their dream of forming an exceptional winery along with them.

The word Botalcura means “large stone” in Mapundungun, the language of Chile’s native Mapuche people. Something hard and solid as rock speaks of the power of the gods and of what’s enduring. Both of these ideas come together in the wines of Botalcura Winery. The indomitable yet generous power of nature, the source of the intense and concentrated vines, combines with the certainty of transcending time, of making time an ally that will bear out the excellence of Botalcura Wines…


Botalcura El Delirio Reserva Chardonnay Viognier

Product Education

They have created in-depth information on their products and their Producers.


They search the earth to find amazing products that will bring pleasure to your palate.



REGION: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan

A range of high quality spirits and wines from Sonoma CA.




One of the most awarded world whiskey distilleries from Bangalore India.




Independent bottlers of fine Scotch Whiskies and fine Rums. Noted for the Raw Cask approach to bottling.

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See the agenda and the full speaker line-up at this year’s Conference.

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Bodegas Gordonzello

The Shire


Gordonzello vineyards are part of a unique environment along the bed of the river Cea, in León Gordoncillo population, where vineyards guarding jealously guard the villa a secret: the aroma, color, body, flavor, the essence of a land taken directly from their strains: Prieto Picudo.

Gordoncillo population is located within the geographical scope of the newly granted DENOMINACIÓN DE ORIGEN TIERRA DE LEÓN.

The unique terroir and microclimate conditions are ideal breeding ground for the development of a grape of great personality. A dream on the palate, a haunting and unique grape capable of making their presence felt with the unforgettable memory of their origins: Gordonzello.

Birth of a winery


101 winegrowers unite to save their vines. In 1995 there was hardly half a dozen hawthorns Gordoncillo (León), and viticulture was dying.

During this year and the first months of 1996, a group of winemakers came up with the idea of converting these old unproductive vineyards and scattered in a concentrated and profitable vineyard that would allow the establishment of population in the area.

The April 22, 1995 GORDONZELLO SA was incorporated under the legal form of a corporation with the support of 101 members, who provided 305 acres of land. Between 1996 and 1998 was carried out in a planting area of 205 hectares modern and technically ready to be machined.

In 2002, there was the birth of the new winery. This initiative has definitely regained Gordoncillo wine past.

Gordonzello Wineries


In 2002, on a plot of over 47,000 m2, they launched a modern and innovative facilities, capable of combining values such as functionality, hygiene, and how could it be otherwise, refined corporate identity, a true reflection of their way of working steady and thorough, down to the last detail in their products and offer an efficient service and customized to their customers, subject to strict controls both vintage and during the preparation by the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Tierra de León.

At present, their wines evolve in contact with a fine selection of American oak, French and Hungarian origin, and in the meantime, Gordonzello has become one of the most promising and modern few wineries make up the national wine scene.

Bodegas Gordonzello Wines

Bodegas_GordonzelloGURDOS Rose wine


100% Prieto Picudo from their vineyards located in Gordoncillo (León-Castilla y León-Spain).

Serving temperature:

8ºC to 9ºC.


A pink raspberry color with blue tones in thin cap, clean and brillant. The nose consist of red fruit aromas (strawberry, grenade…) and floral notes (violet). In the mouth is fresh, with an agreeable step along mouth and a balanced acidity.


Bodegas_GordonzelloPEREGRINO Red oak


100% Prieto Picudo from their vineyards located in Gordoncillo (León-Castilla y León-Spain).

Serving temperature:



6 months in Bordeaux barrels of 225 liter. French, American and Hungarian oak barrels.


Deep cherry colour, on the nose, an aromatic blend of ripe fruit and wood toast. Pleasant palete, well estructured, fresh, persistent with soft tannins.

Bodegas_GordonzelloPEREGRINO mil100


100% Prieto Picudo from their vineyards located in Gordoncillo (León-Castilla y León-Spain).

Serving temperature:

16ºC -18ºC.


15 months in French oak barrels. Bottled in May 2013, started its ageing in the bottle.


Dark red cherry color, with attractive blue-purple glints appear. On the nose it is power and elegant. Firstly, they find hints ripe fruit such as plum combined with wood, spice aromas (laurel and tobacco), chocolates and roasted coffee beans. On the entry to the palate, it is persistent, roundness. long and balanced mouth feel.

KYRA White Abarín


100% Albarín from their vineyards located in Gordoncillo (León-Castilla y León-Spain).

Serving temperature:

7ºC to 9ºC.


Brillant wine, yellow gilding in color. This is a fresh, agile, with certain complexity for its fermentation in French oak barrel. It has a spiced aromas from the wood they give step to aromas of white flowers and citric touches. On the palate it has easy step, with certain acidity and light toasting that leave an agreeable recollection to fruit.

Bodegas Gordonzello Parcels

Bodegas_Gordonzello1.La Viuda
Situation: Pol. 7 Finca 17 – Surface: 31 ha -Variety: Prieto Picudo

2.El Jano
Situation: Pol. 8 Finca 69 – Surface: 14 ha –  Variety: Prieto Picudo

3.El Cervato
Situation: Pol. 14 Finca 15 – Surface:21 ha – Variety: Verdejo

4.Casa Mazo
Situation: Pol. 13 Finca 29 – Surface: 25ha – Variety: Prieto Picudo

5.El Hoyo
Situation: Pol. 12 Finca 1 – Surface: 29ha – Variety: Prieto Picudo

6.El Pichón
Situation: Pol. 13 Finca 21 – Surface: 21 ha – Variety: Mencía

Situation: Pol. 13 Finca 30 – Surface: 44 ha – Variety: Tempranillo

Situation: Pol. 12 Finca 2 – Surface: 15 ha – Variety: Albarín(6 ha), Verdejo(7 ha) y Tempranillo (2 ha)

Road Vineyard



There are two established routes of different lengths for the 205 hectares of vineyards, where you can see the varieties grown, Prieto Picudo, Tempanillo, Mencia,  Verdejo and Albarín. The route is signposted with information boards. It can be done on foot, by bike or car.

They have two guided tours of various lengths, marked with information panels, to tour the vineyards, which are surrounded by the purest cerealística steppe and flanked on its southern bank of Cea by hand, which gives this area a rich landscape special that is revealed in this route of the vineyard and wine.

You can also do all kinds of activities on these routes, such as running, hiking, biking, horseback etc, sports tourism in a unique environment.

During the tour, they will have a panoramic view of the winery and vineyards and a point for bird watching, for those wildlife lovers in the region.
At harvest time they can see the different work done in the field, grape picking, grape harvesting machine, etc.
This visit is recommended from May to October.

Bodegas Gordonzello Video

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Clos Malverne

At Clos Malverne, Guests are invited to come and enjoy a languid afternoon on their wraparound balcony, where you become one with nature with their prized vineyards right there in front of you. They have all the right ingredients including award-winning wines, a diverse, world-inspired menu and priceless views.


Ice Cream & Wine Tasting


Signature pairings

As their slogan states, “The Food & Wine Experience“, they are all about exciting food and wine combinations. Living up to this notion, they were the first wine estate in Stellenbosch offering a unique tasting experience in the form of their “Ice cream & Wine Pairing”. It has since become one of their signature pairings with seasonal, hand-made delicacies. Join them for their signature Autumn ice cream pairings 2017.

Clos Malverne Wines

Clos_MalverneSauvignon Blanc Brut

This lively sparkling Sauvignon blanc is a crisp, yet fruitful wine. It has notes of litchis, pears and gooseberries.It has a clean palate, is refreshing and suitable for any occasion on

It has a clean palate, is refreshing and suitable for any occasion on celebration.

Download tasting note



Clos_MalverneClos Malverne Ellie MCC (Rose-Shiraz Brut)

This wine has a light feminine pink tinge, and shows ample fresh fruit intensity and body, leading to a crisp, dry finish.

Saffron and strawberry aromas dominate the nose, while the delicate mousse is an explosion of extra fine bubbles that charm the palate.

Download tasting note




Export Label Wines

Clos_MalverneDevonet – Merlot / Pinotage

The wine has a deep ruby colour.

The cherry and red berry character of the Merlot is apparent and complimented by the plum fruitiness of of the Pinotage.

Lovely harmonious blend. To be enjoyed now, but can be aged for another 2 – 3 years.

Download tasting note



Clo_MalverneSilver Leaf Merlot

Lovely red berries and smokey aromas on the nose.

Delicate balance and round mouthfeel. Enjoy now or within the next 2 – 3 years.

Serve with gourmet burger, or a hearty stew.

Download tasting note



Clos Malverne Team

Clos_MalverneSeymour Pritchard


They make traditional handcrafted wines, using open fermenters and basket presses in the most natural way possible.




Clos_MalverneNadia Louw-Smith


World food with an earthy sophistication, cooked from the heart and presented with careful elegance.





Suzanne Coetzee


Minimum interference in the winemaking process is the philosophy she believes in. It allows for the natural expression of the grape and their terrior.




Their popular Winelands destination has developed a devoted following since 2009 for its fresh, seasonal and easy, contemporary cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Nadia Louw Smith and her team of expert chefs. “Guests are invited to come and enjoy a languid afternoon on our wraparound balcony, where you become one with nature with their prized vineyards right there in front of you. They have all the right ingredients including award-winning wines, a diverse, world-inspired menu and priceless views, to get your groove back for the week that lies ahead,” shares Nadia who describes her style as fuss-free outer-city dining.


Need a venue for your special birthday party or to brainstorm your next business venture away from the lacklustre boardroom? The Restaurant @ Clos Malverne is a stylish extension of the Pritchard Family’s hospitality, welcoming intimate private affairs at the restaurant or in the adjacent, fully equipped ‘meeting room’. With its stunning setting and awe-inspiring views of the picturesque valley and rolling vineyards, the restaurant is also the perfect host for your wedding reception on your big day.

Clos Malverne Video

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