Leading Wine, Beer and Spirits Events and Trade Shows in the USA

Are you looking for a list of shows in the USA to showcase your brand in front of influential trade representatives?  In this article, we outline some of the top wine, beer and spirit events in the USA.0Y9A5788













Leading Wine, Beer and Spirits Events and Trade Shows in the USA

Wine Bloggers Conference

wbcHeld annually, the Wine Bloggers Conference is the must attend event for wine writers in North America.  The conference visits a different wine region every year in its attempt to connect wine writers with the heart and soul of new and old traditions alike.

With over 300 professional and amateur writers in attendance, the Wine Bloggers Conference gives participating wineries an incomparable chance to connect with influential media that can help build brand recognition in new markets.  Learn from experts in technology, social media and writing about how to generate an authoritative online presence.

Craft Brewers Conference

Brewers_assocAnother annual event that travels from city to city, the Craft Brewers Conference is one of the most important events in the craft beer industry. Focused on educating craft brewers on sales and distribution, CBC is host to 10,000 visitors and their Brew Expo America platform helps breweries connect with distributors from around the country.

The event is produced by the Brewer’s Association and services both brewpub and packaging breweries. Sharing ideas on affordable brewing and innovative business ventures, the event explores important industry information with visitors looking to learn from successful fellow craft beer trades people.

Distiller’s Convention and Trade Show

ACSAConsidered the largest gathering of craft distillers in the US, The Distiller’s Convention and Trade Show delivers attendees an inside look at actionable strategies to improve business and expand their offering.

The trade show hosts over 100 different exhibitors and runs concurrently with the convention.  Both the trade show and convention are hosted by the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), a national non profit organization whose mission is to provide a wide spread sense of community and establish sustainable growth for the craft spirit industry in the USA.

Nightclub and Bar Show

nightclubThe Nightclub and Bar Show attracts on-premise professionals and suppliers specializing in nightlife entertainment and is an important trade show for brands looking to generate brand awareness through on-premise accounts.

From bar management to marketing, hundreds of meetings with professionals around the US take place at this event. The Nightclub and Bar Show is the perfect spot to connect with the industry and prepare your restaurants, nightclubs and bars for a new year of trending themes and brands.

National Restaurant Association

NRAThe National Restaurant Association hold a number of events throughout the year to encourage members on adopting new practices in areas such as: improving supply chain issues; cyber security; workforce engagement; marketing; innovation in the marketplace; food quality; and much more.

Supporters of education and activation in Public Policy, the NRA also works towards bringing solutions to restaurant owners and employees through responsible advocacy.  To see a full list of the services and events they offer, please visit their events calendar here.

San Diego Spirits Festival

SD_spirits_festivalA major culinary and cultural staple of southern California, The San Diego Spirits Festival top highlights include bartender competitions, tastings, and seminars – all of which showcase some of the country’s best spirits to an excited consumer base from around the country.

The festival is a must attend for all cocktail lovers. Network with exciting mixologists, connect with bar owners, and take your spirits to one of the most exciting spirit markets in the USA.

WSWA Convention & Exposition

wswaThe Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association Convention & Exposition is held for WSWA member distributors to meet with existing portfolio partners and seek out new services and products.

The event gives brand owners a chance at connecting with important distributors and also showcases high profile keynote speakers from across various American business sectors.

Sponsored by The Tasting Panel and The SOMM Journal, WSWA tasting competitions in wine, mixology, and spirits also offer trades people the opportunity to showcase their products and skill in front of some o the biggest names in the alcoholic beverage industry.

USA Trade Tasting

USA_Trade_Tasting_Logo_SmallUSA Trade Tasting is a trade only tasting event and business conference for representatives from wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, distributors, retailers and media. The event takes place at the Metropolitan Center in New York City on May 16-17, 2017.

With over 200 exhibitors, the event host to over 500 agents from industry buyers that are open for business. USATT is a trade only B2B event connecting exhibitors with new buyers from leading importers, distributors and retailers in the US industry.

If you are a wine, beer or spirits producer or an USA importer/distributor looking to grow, USATT is the perfect platform to help you build your network and grow your company.

The event is also a host to a full day business conference with speakers from some of the most important companies and organizations doing business in the US.  The conference is a one of kind opportunity for beverage professionals to connect and learn about best practices currently being used in the marketplace.

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Highlights of Organic Mixology Featured At USA Trade Tasting 2016

OM CocktailsWinner of multiple tasting and industry medals including The International Craft Spirits Competition, WSWA Tasting Competition, The San Francisco International Spirits Competition and Nightclub & Bar’s Entrepreneurs of the Year, and is made in small quantities in Michigan and has significant distribution in CA, NV, FL, MI, NJ, NM, and is about to launch NY.  The Company turned to USA Trade Tasting to secure distribution in additional markets

Through our partnership with Trees for the Future we plant 1 tree in Africa for every bottle sold.  Our labels are printed at a wind-powered printing facility and we use cases made from 75% post-consumer recycled content.

OM Team

Jason Monkarsh, CEO
Mr. Monkarsh is a branding and sales consultant in the wine & spirits world with more than 15 years of consumer marketing expertise. He has early experience in the beverage industry where he developed a novelty bottled water product and a unique packaging concept for Coca-Cola’s KMX energy drink brand. His most relevant experience is with Organic Mixology. He spent two years in research and development. OM has been on the market for two years, where Mr. Monkarsh has personally expanded the brand into notable accounts such as Whole Foods, MetLife Stadium and Intercontinental Hotels.

Natalie Bovis, Co-Founder
Ms. Bovis has extensive experience in the beverage industry with organizations such as Sutter Home Wine, Welch’s, Tropicana, Beam Global, Nestle, Pinky Vodka, Skyy Vodka, X-Rated Liqueur and Method Home. Her work has given her notoriety through TV, radio, online and print publications such as the Washington Post, Marie Claire Magazine, US Weekly, Wine Enthusiast, People, Los Angeles Times and many more. She’s also authored 3 mixology books to share her unique cocktail recipes.



About USATT Brand Pitch Sessions

4 Brands /15 minutes each is all they have to convince you on why you need to include them in your portfolio. These brands are serious in working with you. The ‘Brand Pitch Area’ is a unique match making service being offered at USA Trade Tasting that puts brand owners in front of 30 qualified buyers ready to source new brands.

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Looking to find a wine and spirits importer in the USA?

If you are looking to find a wine and spirits importer in the USA, you have come to the right place. In this article, we provide innovative solutions to help you find a wine and spirits importer in the US market.


Getting your brand ready for business in the USA requires a thorough understanding of what US importers are looking for and how to service their needs.  In the US, foreign brands cannot legally sell their wines or spirits directly to distributors or retailers. They must first appoint an importer who will have exclusive rights to the brand in their territory.  The importer will then work with their distribution partners who will in turn supply their retail partners with the imported brand.  This system, called the Three Tier System, creates a very complex and competitive marketplace.

In order to ensure they are working with brands that they think will successfully penetrate the US system, importers look to source new products that come with solid marketing budgets, premium packaging, good price points and exceptional taste.  Depending on the importer profile, the preferences given to these characteristics can vary drastically.  It is important to target importers who work with similar brands to yours and understand what it means to be a part of a successful stateside brand launch.  As the importer contract gives the importer exclusive rights to your brand, you want to protect yourself against potentially signing on to an ill suited import partner.

After doing your due diligence researching importers who you think will be good fits for your business goals, it’s time to find innovative ways to get importers interested in your brand and ready to develop a working partnership.

Here are five tips on how to secure a US importer for your wine and spirits brands:

1. Working From The Retail Shelf Back to the Importer

Even though you cannot directly sell your product to retailers in the three tier system, it is highly recommended that imported brands develop strong ties to retail buyers and build a solid consumer base of excited costumers who want to see the brand in their territory.  By initiating market demand before approaching importers in the region, chances are the wine and spirits importer will already know about your product and be happy for the opportunity to work with you towards a successful brand launch.

2. Targeted Emails

Developing a professional PowerPoint presentation is more than just getting ready for your sales pitch.  You can use a well thought out presentation in your personalized emails to importers that highlight your brand and show them that you are ready to do business.  The more detailed the information your provide that clearly delineates a market strategy, the easier it will be for them to see the benefits of taking your brand on.
Big Peat’s 2014 Brand Plan is a perfect example of a .pdf presentation that can be sent to importers.

3. Trade Shows

Another way to elicit demand for your product at every tier of the distribution chain is to successfully exhibit your brand at important industry trade shows.  Getting your brand in front of buyers, media, and market makers is an important first step in showing the US industry that you are here to stay.  Use specialized trade shows to build you network base and develop long lasting relationships that you can leverage when talking with potential importers.

4. Local Organizations

There are many national and regional groups that can help you develop your message for international partners.  Make sure you utilize all of your local organization’s networks by using the support programs they offer to get your message out to international trade.  One of the best ways to generate interest from wine and spirits importer is to have second party recommendations from important market influencers and often this means working closely with those organizations that already have an established sales network.

5. Ratings and Reviews


Submitting your products into competitions and getting highlighted in influential publications can increase your brand recognition and generate interest from representatives across all tiers of the industry.  Increasing your portfolio of ratings and reviews from substantiated sources is practically a pre-requisite to successful brands launches in today’s saturated market. The assumed belief by retailers and distributors is that is much easier to sell a new product with lots of awards, points and feature articles associated to the brand to US customers then it would be otherwise. Make sure you have allotted a good marketing budget to fulfilling this goal as the same philosophy often translates itself up the supply chain and manifests itself in the initial decision making process of importers.Wine_industry_resources





















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Stories Of Boutique Wine Importers In New York

Stories Of Boutique Wine Importers In New York


The north eastern wine market has always been driven by dedicated professionals seeking the best brands from around the world and small New York wine importers are some of the most dynamic companies in the business. From niche ethnic restaurants and boutique wine retailers to some of the world’s finest establishments, New York importers are focused on understanding and servicing the needs of their diverse accounts.

Even with wide spread consolidation taking over much of the distribution business across the USA, local importers and distributors work night and day to compete against bigger national companies and provide their accounts with the best possible selection of unique brands.

One of New York’s more specialized importers, Jenny & François Selections are a good example of the amount of time and energy that importers take in finding the perfect wines to offer across the market. Since 2000, the business has focused their efforts on sourcing only natural wines.  Their offerings come from wineries around the world who practice organic and biodynamic growing methods as well as organic cellar practices.  Among other specifications, during fermentation ‘natural’ wine makers do not to add any lab yeasts, sugars, sulfites, enzymes, acids, or concentrators and they are bottled and aged without stabilizers or sulfites.

Beyond their meticulous import portfolio, they also make sure that they can get their wines to accounts dedicated to the natural cause by distributing their wines themselves through their state distribution company, USA Wine Imports.

robertA long standing and well respected importer, Robert Kacher Selections is known for their dedication to the trade and for bringing some of the most exclusive wines to market.  Small, family run estates is their modus operandi and they have developed uncompromising standards for their portfolio. Their long-term relationships with like-minded growers and wine makers have given them the ability to compose a library of expressive and elegant wines they make available through their distribution partners Empire Merchants and Little Wine Company.

Peter Lucania and Warren Fraser, owners of Peter/Warren Selections, have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry that they bring to their fine wine import company.  Featuring a portfolio of wines from France, Argentina, Austria and the United States, PW Selections focus their energy on finding wines using their top criteria: taste.  Through exploring their favorite territories, Peter and Warren source wines that reflect the exceptional qualities of the land from where they are grown.  Their personal approach means that they can bring surprising varietals from intriguing terroirs to their partners with absolute confidence.

MetropolisMetropolis Wine Merchants is a boutique wine, family owned importer and distributor who specialize in French, Spanish, Germany, South African, Italian and Chilean wines.  They too work tirelessly to find family owned wineries and present a rare selection of wines to their partners to choose from. Located in downtown Manhattan, they keep all of their offerings in a climate controlled environment and deliver throughout the five major New York boroughs.  Personally choosing artisan suppliers from a wide-ranging world of styles, Metropolis takes pride in their ability to bring some of the most exciting wines and overall quality to their partner’s shops.

AP Wine Imports is another importer whose dedication to the trade is clearly reflected in their portfolio.  From Abruzzo to Veneto, their selection of European fine wines from family owned estates is made available through their ability to represent themselves as some of the most knowledgeable and professional wine industry members and by maintaining a high caliber of ethics in their business.  Their partners understand that working with AP means working with a group committed to helping their partners, their employees and their customers enjoy a fruitful relationship.

little_peacock_importersFeaturing wines from the down under, Little Peacock Imports‘ tagline, ‘Wines Aussies kept for themselves. Now imported to the United States,’ pretty much defines they’re unique character.  This company has done an absolutely amazing job at bringing exceptional Australian offerings to the US market.  Started with the motivation of changing the US perception of Australian wine, Little Peacock specializes in brands that truly reflect Australian estate run wineries with a genuine story to tell.  Exciting wines from the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Central Victoria, Margaret River, Frankland River, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Riverina and the Barossa is what they offer and they do it with a real passion that is hard to ignore.  

Solstars Wines is a New York based importer and distributor of premier wines from Italy, Spain, France and Israel.  Their portfolio offering gives partners an in depth look at some undiscovered brands from the main regions of the world as well as some exciting offerings from the newly emerging Israeli market.  The meaning of the name, Solstars, comes from the idea that, like the dependably exceptional wines of their portfolio, enjoying the beauty of the sun and stars should be a part of everybody’s daily routine.

HP_SelectionsA very inspiring import and distribution company, HP Selections is another fine example of an independent New York import company taking the industry bar to remarkable heights.  Showcasing a portfolio of family owned wineries, their selection is a continually developing picture of an accessible and cost effective approach to exceptional wines.  Harry Poulakakos’ personal story of a Greek immigrant coming to the US and making New York the home of his successful wine import company inspires the company to continue in his foot steps as they develop their image as one of the premiere companies championing the independent scene in New York city.

Romano Brands Fine Wines offers their services to boutique wine retailers and restaurants across New York.  Their small, hyper focused company has developed a reputation for fine wines that fit both niche and mass markets.  Doing business out of Long Island, their company works in both New Jersey and New York and offers partners a wide array of value driven offerings.

CoeurCoeur Wine Co. represents a wide range of brands from France, USA, Italy and Spain.  Their mission to connect passionate wine makers with passionate consumers is exemplified by their enthusiastic endeavor of continually seeking out noteworthy wineries that reveal timeless stories. To Coeur, they know that servicing the New York market means more than just offering a premium wine at a good price point.  They recognize the importance that their partners and New York consumers put in following up a great tasting wine with a romantic story that captures the landscape of that wine’s origin and the heart of the people that make it so special.

Another importer and distributor focused on natural wines, David Bowler Wine‘s portfolio consists of a interesting mix of labels from France, Germany, Spain, Austria, and Italy. Due to the nature of their delicate selection, they are environmentally picky and choose to keep all of their wines in a temperature controlled environment until they are passed off to their partners.  The company was started in 2003 with then intention of servicing some of the higher end accounts in New York and because of their attention to detail, quest for exceptional examples of natural wines and great network, David Bowler has become a go to staple New York based import company.

visionFormed in 2008, Vision Wine Brands is an import company run by three wine professionals whose passion to bring their expertise to the forefront of the import industry brought them together. Robert Mazurkiewicz, Fillipo Pistone, and Ricardo Castiblanco bring a wide range of experience in brand management, wine sourcing, and sales strategy to their selection process of superb wines that offer true value to their partners.  Ranging from Argentina to France, their portfolio of old and new world wines offer the perfect match to restaurants and retailers looking for fresh ideas that their costumers will love the price of.

For over twenty five years Tri-Vi Imports has been focusing on bringing premium quality and high value wines wines into New York.  Started by two seasoned industry pioneers, Tri-vin is known for their large selection of Portuguese wines and offers their producers innovative marketing and sales strategies to ensure all of their partners find themselves in the best possible position for the current market.  Although they are known for the Portuguese section of their portfolio, they also work closely with wineries from Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Spain and the United States.

TestaTesta Wines of the World is perhaps one of the most intriguing wine importers from New York.  Established just after prohibition, Testa Wines has been home to some of the most renowned brands to come to the US.  From the Old World, Bolla, Moet, Antinori, Ruffino, Perrier Jouet, Mouton Cadet, Vueve Clicquot and Korbel all started out in the Testa Portfolio.

Beyond just their European firsts, Testa was also the first to bring Argentina’s big names Trapiche, Navarro Correas, Humberto Canale and Andean vineyards to the USA and was also the first importer to bring Australian wine to market.

It’s not just their ability to seek out the best before they became the best that really gives Testa Wines of the World a top place amongst New York importers. Testa wines has continued to be one of the industry’s biggest market influences while resisting the pressures of consolidation and staying true as a leading example of what an independent import company can still achieve in today.

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Out of State Direct Wine Shipment (New York State)

Out of State Direct Wine Shipment (New York State)


On this page you will find information on out of state direct wine shipment to NY consumers.

The NYS Legislature has amended the direct shipping statute, ABC Law §79-c, to eliminate the annual reporting requirement.

The licensee need only maintain such records and only produce them at the request of the NYS Liquor Authority or the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance [see ABC Law §79-c (3)(c) and (g)].

Out of State Direct Wine Shipment Application and Supporting Documents

States Currently Approved for Direct Wine Shipment

New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina

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Wine, Beer and Spirits Brand Label Laws Of New York State

The purpose of Brand Label Registration is to ensure that labels sold in New York are in compliance with both State and Federal labeling regulations and that the product in the container to which the label is attached is safe for public consumption.  Further, it is the purpose of Brand Label Registration to ensure that no deceptive health/benefit claims are present on the label.

Brand Label Registration is required for all liquor, beer, wine products, and wine specialties sold in NY. It is also required for wines containing 7% alcohol or less. While wine over 7% alcohol does not require registration, it does require submission of an appointment letter and Federal label approvals.

All brand label applications have been revised and are now accompanied by detailed instructions in an effort to help minimize errors.  Please begin using this application as soon as possible.  The previous versions of the applications will be accepted until May 11, 2014, after which time any outdated version of the applications will be disapproved.  Prior to May 11,2014, if you submit the previous version, please make sure all sections are complete and that all directions are followed.  Please also indicate production amount at the top of page 2, as this impacts fees, and refer to the Fee Chart posted on our website to make sure you are submitting the correct fee based on the date of submission.


Exemption for Breweries Producing Less Than 1,500 Barrels Annually
Brand Label Associated Documentation
Brand Label Registration Forms

Source: New York State (Liquor Authority Division Of Alcohol Beverage Control). Please check their website regular for current and updated information.

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