10 Innovative Products at USATT 2017

USA Trade Tasting is a trade show dedicated to showcasing new and innovative products to importers, distributors, retailers and press professionals of the US wine, spirits, and beer industry. This year saw 130 exhibitors from all over the world. From these, we show you 10 products that we grabbed our attention. 

1) Vodquila 

Red Eye Louie’s Vodquila has been making great strides in becoming a well-known brand for all to enjoy and is currently available for purchase in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia, with many other states being added in the upcoming months.

Vodquila is a special blend of Ultra Premium Vodka and imported Super Premium Tequila. The Vodka is made from multiple grains and distilled SIX times whereas the Tequila is made from Pure Blue Agave Plants and distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. It’s time that everyone enjoyed the best of both drinks! So ask for Vodquila!

2) Amor de Agave

Amor de Agave is a collection of intense flavors which explodes into great moments. It was born into this world to change ordinary moments into amazing memories with yourself and with others, in harmony and happiness, full of love and well being.

Take a drink with Amor de Agave, share some moments with it, and let your heart talk honestly with yourself. Let Amor de Agave also join you when you are alone. In a smooth and deeply way let it tells you what you really want, what you are looking for from the deepest part of your Being.

the mezcal is aged in wooden barrels. The finished aroma is natural and robust, a combination of Agave, mesquite and ocote rich vegetal notes and a tinge of smoke that complement these flavors without overwhelming the balance. The unique, delicate and tasty balance of Amor de Agave.


LIQS Cocktail Shots, the world’s first premixed portable cocktail in a shot, are revolutionizing the liquor industry with their ready-made mixtures of premium spirits real fruit juice and natural flavors. They have created a new standard for RTD’s with its portable “Cocktail Shots”.

The brainchild of Michael Glickman and Harley Bauer, two born and raised New Yorkers who both have a passion for premium spirits, they are the first of its kind. LIQS are currently sold in four flavors and available at liquor stores, bars/clubs, hotels, golf courses, music venues/festivals and many other venues across the country.

4) Get Hot Tequila

Get Hot Tequila was first brought to market in 2016 when John Vasicek first imported his habanero-infused 100% Agave Tequila Reposado into California.

Quality is a number one concern for the product as Get Hot Tequila knows that consumers are willing to try almost anything, but getting repeat customers is the pathway to brand success.  “Consumers like new, they like fresh, but if the quality isn’t there, they won’t be back, so being a premium brand is where they wanted to be,” says John Vasicek.

Get Hot Tequila’s mission is to become the “go-to” infused tequila. That mission began with sourcing an exceptional Reposado and combining it with a sophisticated (not heavy-handed) habanero infusion that packed just the right amount of heat to bring on a visceral reaction.

5) Maxime Trijol 

Cognac Maxime Trijol family history is one of measured, methodical achievement.They originally settled in St Martial Sur Né, in the heart of the Cognac region. The first still was installed in November 1859.

Ever since they have continued to maintain their expertise as growers and distillers.

The region consists of some 78,000 hectares of vines (Approximately 95% of this vineyard is used for Cognac production).  Cognac Maxime Trijol distills their wine 24 hours a day until the March 31st, the legal deadline for their spirit to be called a cognac. Thereafter it can be nothing more than a brandy.

6) Bira 91

B9 Beverages (the company behind Bira 91) has started up with the mission to bring a craft beer revolution in India & the US. Based out of New Delhi, with expansion throughout the US, everyone at B9 cares deeply about one thing, and one thing only – creating and making beers that people can fall in love with.

Bira is the smart simian mascot, an idiosyncratic monkey which reflects everything that they stand for – being estoric, eccentric, unconventional and unorthodox. They are the lynchpin of their services with a peerless insight into the tastes of beer connoisseurs! Beers brewed by them are an eclectic mix of exotic ingredients that epitomize the flavors of the traditional Bavarian farms, the mystical Himalayas and the gourmet tastes of France and Belgium.Their style is aesthetic and thus they have a penchant for organic, handcrafted beers.

7) Mezcal Nucano 

Mezcal Nucano a 100% artisanal mezcal from the San Dionisio Ocotepec region of the state of Oaxaca. The term “mezcal” originates from Mexcalli Náhuatl (“metl” maguey, “ixcalli” cooked) and means cooked maguey. Mezcal Nucano provides the customer with an authentic mezcal, a product of working the land in its purest and most Traditional form and available thanks to the efforts of Men of Field.

This unique, high-quality mezcal contains culture and Tradition in each bottle, aiming to connect each of its customers with the origin of this ancestral drinking, and putting a little piece of Oaxaca in their hands.
Nucano (Great Fire) was an important character in the history of Oaxaca, a brave Mixtec warrior who fell in love with the Zapotec Princess Donají, and who, in the name of that love, sought to bring peace to the two nations.

8) Sontinh Liquor

Son Tinh is a unique selection of authentic Vietnamese flavors, carefully handcrafted in small batches from 100% natural ingredients, and well matured over many years.
The appeal and quality of this traditional yet trendy product range have been acknowledged at several international spirit competitions making Sơn Tinh Vietnam’s first internationally recognized and awarded liquor, as an original Vietnamese spirit category called “Rượu”.

From the most fragrant sticky rice to rare herbs from the mountain forests Sơn Tinh only uses the finest raw materials that nature can provide. The diversity of climate and soil, as well as annual changes, are all reflected in the colors and flavors of the liquors of that year.


9) Distillerie De La Tour 

Distillerie de la tour has always paid particular attention to the wine selection. They have partnerships with over 1000 wine growers and can, therefore, guarantee supplies of wines from all the Cognac wine terroirs: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois, etc. Before each distillation in a Charentais copper pot still, all the wines are rigorously analyzed and tasted, and then the Master Distiller carefully adjusts his distillation method in complete compliance with the appellation requirements in order to express the full quintessence of the grape in these “eaux-de-vie” which will one day become Cognac.


4300 French oak barrels (350-450 liters each) of Cognac in their aging cellars means guaranteed volume availability and enables us to respond to their customers’ needs. The Cellar Master has a permanent stock of Cognacs of different ages with a wide range of aroma profiles and can create tailor-made blends whose finesse and elegance are recognized and appreciated worldwide.

10) Black Horse Liquors 

Black Horse Liquor LLC is a NJ based company owned and operated by Zereen Mirabello who is a native of Cape Town, South Africa. Black Horse Liquor (BHL) represents Spirits and Liqueurs produced by SLD Liquor Manufacturers PTY. LTD based in the heart of Cape Town. 

SLD Liquor Manufacturers, a family owned company that started from humble beginnings producers’ premium products that compete on the international spirits market.  Starting with only a few brands, they have expanded their range to more than 25 different products ranging from Cream Liqueurs to various spirits such as Vodka, Tequila, Gin , and Cane.

They have a state of the art FDA approved manufacturing facility and all of their ingredients are local to the region. All products are double distilled to enhance pure flavors and are made from their Premium Black Horse signature brands.

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